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AC Installation

Getting an AC installed properly is of great importance. If it’s improperly installed, your air conditioning unit would offer inadequate cooling and might not work efficiently; it could also cause health and safety hazards. At Air Conditioning Repair Today, we verify and background checks all our employees to guarantee they’re honest, reliable, and skilled. Therefore, our clients would have peace of mind that their AC units would work as they should be. Deciding whether to replace or repair your AC could be a hard choice. Allow us to assist you by thoroughly examining your system or unit to tell if you could affordably repair it or whether you let us choose and install a new, high-efficiency, and affordable AC.

And you could rest assured in our commitment and expertise to finish the job properly and guarantee the system is operating at peak performance.

AC Installation

When to Choose AC Installation

Postponing your air conditioner replacement isn’t the best idea. A malfunctioning unit would adversely affect comfort, as well as your indoor air quality. Tampa AC installation benefits include:

Lower Maintenance Costs: The older your AC system is, the more often it requires maintenance and repairs, contributing to the total cost. As original components get more difficult to locate, costs rise and the chances of mismatching parts, potentially resulting in more repairs.

Poor efficiency suggests increased energy bills; a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) tells the efficiency of a unit (the better its rating, the better its efficiency is).

Improved Well-Being: New ACs could remove pollutants, dust, viruses, and allergens from the air. Increased comfort also suggests you could appreciate your home regardless of how cold or hold outdoors is—and you could sleep better as well.

Installing new AC could also increase your home’s value. As time passes, your energy savings could suggest that your unit pays for itself. Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to know more! Learn more about AC Repair.

How much does it cost to install a central air conditioner in Tampa FL?

Regardless of how well your AC is maintained, you will need to replace it eventually. At that point, there’s a simple question: How much would a new air conditioning installation cost? Take it from the Air Conditioning Repair Today professionals—the answer relies on various factors. Here, we will share some of them. Please read them, then contact us to estimate a new unit.

Home Air Conditioner Installation Considerations

System Size

Believe it or not, air conditioners have various sizes. Measuring your home is among our expert’s first steps when beginning the Tampa AC installation process. It allows us to know the size of your house—and how big of an air conditioner you will require to suit your needs the best. A too-small unit would constantly operate to reach your desired temperature. And one that is too large would not run properly. Both could result in energy inefficiency, which could increase your bills.

Type of Air Conditioner

Aside from having various sizes—ACs also have various unit types. Some cooling units operate exactly as you would imagine: When you regulate your thermostat, the air conditioner runs until it meets that temperature before turning off. Nonetheless, other kinds run at different speeds, indicating they operate through various stages based on the home temperature to maintain absolute energy efficiency. These cost more but make up for it in energy savings.

SEER Rating

SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, implies how much different ACs use energy. All units retain a SEER of at least 13. The higher the SEER, the more efficient your unit—and the greater the air conditioning installation cost.


If you already own a central air conditioning system and are installing the same, you must’ve owned ductwork already. But if you don’t own ductwork, your Tampa AC installation cost would increase. In that case, we may suggest a ductless or high-velocity system based on your home. We could install these individual systems straight into rooms for tailored temperatures throughout your home. It might be a cheaper alternative for you than retrofitting ventilation.

Though some ACs are more energy-efficient than others, the greatest factor is who you hire for the system installation. Your best bet? Air Conditioning Repair Today. We possess the technical expertise, exceptional customer service, and experience to deal with all installations. Call us today!

How much does it cost to install AC in my house?

The summers have become extremely hot, and air conditioners have gone from a luxury house upgrade to necessities for numerous individuals and households. We have noticed a large uptick in Tampa AC installation requests across the last few years. An AC is an investment in your daily comfort and home. While air conditioning installation costs differ based on your chosen type, your home’s size, and more, it is often a worthy investment.

Do you consider installing an AC in your house to keep you cool during the hot summer? Cost is a primary consideration for numerous homeowners wanting to get an AC.

Regarding new AC installations or replacing old ones, we usually get the first question: What will it cost?

Considering all the various factors and how many options are available, the cost of AC installation could differ quite a bit. A central air conditioning system normally starts about $4500 and up to nearly $8500. For ductless units, prices begin at about $5000 and could increase from there.

An AC installation cost could differ based on numerous various factors, like your home’s size, your chosen AC system, and if you have ductwork and already. If you don’t have existing ductwork, installing an AC, ductwork, and a furnace would commonly amount to between $14000 to $20000.

At Air Conditioning Repair Today, we are always ready to offer our customers accurate, fair, and transparent estimates regarding system repairs or new installs. Contact us any time online or submit a service request form to begin. We are here to respond to any of your questions and assist you in making the best decision for your family and home.

AC Replacement and Installation in Tampa, FL

Many Tampa homeowners choose to postpone until their AC malfunctions to install a new one. That’s not a great idea to have, though. You could get numerous benefits by getting your HVAC system updated and a new AC unit installed, like better health and higher savings. Below are some more benefits you’ll get when you have a new AC system installed in your house.

Higher Efficiency

Some of the best outcomes of getting a new AC are the cost savings and greater energy benefits. A new AC includes better technology, a greater Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), and more cooling capacity to fit your house. With these benefits, you could save a considerable amount on energy costs.

Cooler Home

If you’ve noticed your house isn’t as cool as it once was, and you’ve done all the needed maintenance, then getting a new AC must be your best option. With a new AC, your home would be cooled more quickly and easily. That would lead to better living conditions and a more comfortable house.

Better Health

Though the primary benefit of getting an AC is its cooling capability, ACs also have an important role in handling indoor air quality. If your AC is outdated or not running properly, then you, your family, and your house could be at risk from harmful mold and bacteria. A new AC could help lessen asthma and allergy symptoms, lessen mildew and mold, and help everyone feel more comfortable.

Increased Home Value

Even if you’re not planning to sell your home soon, a new AC system could boost your home’s value. Potential homebuyers would be turned off from purchasing your house if your AC is broken, old, or in bad condition. By updating and maintaining your system, you could retain your home’s value in a good place and get ready for a more comfortable future for you, along with your family.

Are you looking for a reliable AC company that provides AC replacement and installation in Tampa, FL? Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today!

Advantages of Central AC

A central air conditioning system provides the most cost-effective and convenient way to dehumidify and cool your entire house. Individually, it costs more than an evaporative cooler or a room AC, but its price could be less than that of smaller, multiple units combined. If you have existing ductwork already, expect to spend for a reduced installation cost. The strategic placement of vents lets it cool regions more evenly.

But the advantages of central AC systems do not end there. Seasoned air conditioning contractors, such as Air Conditioning Repair Today, would agree that its charm comes from various winning qualities as well:

It Is Quiet

A central AC unit is great if you want quiet and peace while adjusting your home’s indoor climate. It might create a soft humming sound, but it isn’t as loud as window systems. If you are used to operating many ACs in various rooms at the same time, you will see just how quiet a central air conditioning would be.

It Saves Space

Its indoor system only has to occupy a single open space within your home. If there’s an empty basement or attic in your house, your central air conditioner could remain out of sight. In effect, you could free up wall space from all rooms that once had a window system. We at Air Conditioning Repair Today will ensure that you would not even recall that there’s one in your house.

It Is Energy-Efficient

With a smart HVAC unit, you could control your central AC remotely. You could also program your thermostat to regulate your temperature when no one’s at home, so you could keep your air conditioner from operating full blast when it does not need to.

Is your house a great candidate for a central air conditioner? Contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to get an estimate and discuss your space cooling needs. We take pride in serving homeowners in Tampa, FL, and the other surrounding areas.

AC replacement in Florida

It can be hot in Tampa all year long, so it is best to ensure that you, along with your family, are ready for some comfort, especially in summers. What lots of people do not know in anticipation of the warmer weather is how significant it is to guarantee that your house is well cooled for when the hot temperature comes. AC maintenance could, unfortunately, easily be neglected. If your air conditioning system is old, there is a great chance that you can benefit from an AC replacement in Florida.

We at Air Conditioning Repair Today want you to be comfortable this summer. Uncertain whether or not it is time to get new AC systems before the hot temps hit? Here are common warning indications to watch out for:

1. Lack of Cool Air & Limited Airflow

That’s perhaps the clearest indication that your air conditioner is experiencing problems. If you switch on your system and the air does not come out cold within a few moments, there is a great chance that it isn’t operating properly. The problem could also be due to clogs in your ductwork/piping, which impede airflow and wouldn’t resolve on their own. Whatever the cause, a lack of airflow is a telltale sign there’s an issue that must be addressed immediately.

2. Buildup of Moisture

All air conditioning units would develop moisture to some degree, but those performing properly could deal with it with no problem. When leakage occurs, or moisture is present within your air conditioner, there’s a possible refrigerant leak. Aside from causing your unit to malfunction, it also presents a serious health risk to you along with your family. Even if only water is accumulating, letting the issue persist could create an unwelcome breeding ground for mold.

3. Strange Sounds

Have you observed that the air conditioner creates more sound than it once does? The presence of odd noises like squeaking, chattering, or grinding, is never normal and shouldn’t be taken as a normal sign of aging. Most air conditioner units should run at a sound level that’s barely noticeable, so if your cooling unit is getting attention to itself, you know it is time to upgrade to the new one.

4. Foul Smells

Your air conditioner should have clean, neutral-smelling air, but this is not constantly the case when issues exist. A burning odor could suggest serious issues and needs immediate attention.

5. High Energy Bills

If the energy bills have been increasing lately, it could’ve something to do with a cooling unit simply operating too hard to finish the job. Even if your home’s not well cooled, your air conditioner might be increasing your monthly energy bills to a noticeable degree. Upgrade your equipment for a new one, and you could lessen your bills for the coming years.

Think you may need a new air conditioner or AC repair? Air Conditioning Repair Today is ready to assist. Call us now to know more or to book an appointment.

AC Installation and Replacement Costs

In Tampa, FL, an air conditioner replacement will surely be a smart investment, particularly if you work with a reputable company like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today. Nevertheless, it’s perfectly understandable to think of what you could expect to pay when considering ac installation and replacement costs.

Average Total Cost

The average air conditioning replacement cost would rely on what system or unit type you’re interested in. A ductless split system, for example, often costs from $2,500 to $4,500 to replace. Other cost averages include:

Heat pumps: The average cost of replacement is within the range of $5-6 thousand, based on your system’s complexity and what is right for your needs.

Central AC system: Replacement could range from roughly between $3,500 and $7,000 or so, also based on what kind of central AC system you prefer.

It should also be pointed out that a window AC would cost you from roughly $150 to $500 or so to get replaced. If that’s what you have currently, you may want to think of upgrading to a more extensive cooling solution. That’s something we could assist you with when you call us here at Air Conditioning Repair Today.

SEER and Other Factors

A replacement’s average cost in Tampa, FL, would also rely on how efficient you want your cooling unit to be. That’s determined by the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. It is a measure of cooling output within an average season based on the consumed energy measured in Watt-hours.

Your AC unit’s size would also define the cost of replacement. For example, if the replacement unit has a SEER rating from 13 to 16 and it is between 1.5 to 2.5 tons, the replacement’s average cost would be from just above $2,000 and $4,000. Other averages with size and SEER ratings include:

SEER 17-20 and between 1.5 and 5 tons: $3,500 on the lower end to $6,500 on the higher one with the biggest size.

SEER 21-26 and between 1.5 and 5 tons: $5,200 on the lower end with SEER and size to $8,500 on the higher end with size and SEER.

Replacement May Involve Parts Only

You could lessen your air conditioning replacement costs by simply replacing your system parts that are damaged or worn. A condensing system, for instance, would cost you, on average, from $700 to $4,000. If you just require a new thermostat, nevertheless, the average cost is from $40 to $600. Getting your ductwork replaced would be more of an investment, but it can be worthy of the primary problem is weak or worn ducts, and your AC system is otherwise fine.

It might be possible to postpone your AC replacement with the proper approach to air conditioning repair in the Tampa area. Nevertheless, if you’re on the fence regarding replacement and repair, rely on us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to provide you with an estimate and honest opinion. Call us today!

AC Costs by Ton, SEER Rating, & Brand

Usually, AC Installation costs differ based on the installation type, product size, brand name and manufacture, and SEER efficiency ratings. SEER unit cost higher after getting installed. Picking efficient energy saving units is also possible to lessen the entire monthly electricity bill by thousands. That makes choosing reputable AC parts a more vital aspect in the long run. We install high-quality brands only. They are tested since their manufacturers utilize more stable, long-lasting materials. They also do not take long to get maintained. These businesses are popular primarily for time-saving parts and enduring products at an extremely high price than others.

We can help you with your Indoor Air Quality!

If you’ve been looking for a reliable HVAC contractor in Tampa, FL, you’ve arrived at the right place. We at Air Conditioning Repair Today are your local AC and heating professional committed to offering you your deserved peace of mind.

What you could expect when you hire us:

You’ll be treated to utmost attention from beginning to end.

Experienced, friendly technicians who think of your best interests.

Always on-call and arrive at your home in no time.

Straightforward job details and pricing before any job starts – no surprises.

Accurate problem diagnosis and solutions.

Thorough workmanship that leaves no detail ignored.

Whole-home comfort and long-term peace of mind for you.

We do our job considering your best interests. Each job is a chance to assist our community and neighbors. We’re family-owned and operated, and when you hire us, you’ll be considered as a family as well.

What Can We Do for You?

Getting a reliable AC contractor shouldn’t be a difficult experience or chore. The Air Conditioning Repair Today crew is always available to make things easier for you. We understand that you’re already worried about your AC unit; we’ll not add to that stress. You could expect us to offer hassle-free service.

From the initial phone conversation to the final handshake, our mission is to offer you an exceptional experience.

With the expertise of your local Tampa, FL, air conditioning professionals, you can keep the AC system functioning efficiently all year. To arrange emergency maintenance, installation, or repair service, contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today.

Call The AC installation Pros Who Know

With 84 percent of all American houses having some form of air conditioning, the United States uses more air conditioning than all other nations combined. You should call the AC installation pros who know how to install, repair, and maintain your AC units, so you do not need to worry about your AC malfunctioning when you need it most. These are the characteristics of an excellent air conditioning installation firm.

1. All AC Services Under One Roof

You may get all of your AC services from a single AC installation company, like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today. Because such a company’s experts are more trained, you should trust them to install your new AC system. AC repair, ductless solutions, heat pumps, duct cleaning, and commercial HVAC installation are all services provided by a competent AC installation company. Installation professionals for AC companies that provide a wide variety of AC services have the ability to solve any HVAC-related concerns.

2. Factory-Trained Technicians

Knowledge-transfer exercise programs generally help AC installation businesses with a solid working connection with HVAC manufacturers. When a fresh model of HVAC system is released, experts from the best AC installation firms are well-trained to deal with the units effectively. As a result, even if you purchase the most recent model of an air conditioner, specialists from a reputable AC installation business like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today will professionally install it.

3. High Customer Satisfaction

If the AC installation company is bad, former clients will complain about the company’s terrible AC services. Assessing a company’s internet reviews makes it easy to determine whether or not it prioritizes its consumers. More clients would be happy to submit a favorable review if a firm provides amazing AC installation services and sells the highest quality AC units.

4. Licensed to Operate in Your Local Area

A local AC installation company will be familiar with all of your area’s legal and operating requirements. For example, they’ll know if your air conditioning services necessitate obtaining permission from the local government. They’ll know the main faults to look for in your HVAC system because they have been operating in your state for a long time. As a result, they will provide individualized HVAC installation and maintenance services.

Quality air conditioning systems are not cheap, and they are a significant investment that you should have in your house or business. Professional air conditioning installation is essential for ensuring that your air conditioner runs well for a longer period. Contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to learn more!

Investing in a New AC

Nowadays, many of us cannot function without using an air conditioner. If you are staying in a hot region like Florida, you understand how frustrating it can be to deal with uncomfortable inside temperatures when it’s already sweltering outdoors.

At Air Conditioning Repair Today, our goal is to offer you the greatest service and equipment possible, so you don’t have to be bothered about anything! We not only have a wide range of electronic equipment, but we also have a team of qualified professionals that can assist you with any maintenance, replacement, or repair needs. We’ve been dealing with residential air conditioning professionally for years, so you can count on us not to let you down.

Why must you invest in a new AC unit?

Because air conditioners are expensive, they are considered long-term investments. You may be asking why you should get a new unit when the old one breaks down.

Long-term savings:

Regarding appliances, we frequently make the error of having them repaired repeatedly rather than purchasing a new one. Consequently, you wind up using the same amount of money on fixing the old air conditioner as you will on purchasing a new one. In the long run, purchasing a new device should save you money.

Energy efficiency and cheaper bills:

More recent air conditioners on the market are meant to be more energy-efficient than those introduced a few years ago. Your energy costs will be greatly reduced if you acquire a new air conditioner.

The less expensive option is:

You could inquire if you need suggestions for the best type for your home. We’ll send one of our AC experts to your home to examine the size and cooling features that will satisfy your needs. The inconvenience of not having a functional AC is more than one may expect. Contact us today for all of your cooling needs.

Emergency HVAC Installation Services Available - Call Today!

Every household knows how unpleasant it is to have a broken air conditioner during midnight or the sweltering summer days. It’s a great thing there are cooling businesses like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today that provide emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet your air conditioning demands.

The following are some of the advantages of hiring a 24-hour A/C contractor in Tampa, FL:

Convenient Service

Even if your AC system is well-maintained, issues might arise due to various causes, including extreme weather. As a result, your system’s operation is questionable, and problems can occur at any time of day. Knowing that your specialist is unavailable to perform the repair is inconvenient. All of your cooling difficulties are fixed, and your home’s comfort is promptly restored when you choose a 24-hour A/C contractor.

Immediate Solution

All concerns may be resolved quickly with 24-hour cooling services. If you have poor indoor air quality, low humidity level, or need a rapid repair, your professionals can take care of it immediately. Emergency services are intended to provide you with immediate help.

Prevent Costly Problems

Some faults with your systems should be addressed immediately before they become an expensive problem. If you use your cooling system frequently, little wear and tear might become an issue. In addition, if left unaddressed, refrigerant concerns can pose a health risk to you and your family. Call an emergency expert right away if any of these problems cost you a lot of money or put your safety in peril.

Improved Security

If all of your cooling issues are resolved immediately, your home’s safety will be enhanced. When left untreated, problems like gas leaks, burning, overheating, electrical disconnections, and a musty odor can result in fires, costly repairs, and poisoning. If you discover something unusual with your system, have it conditioned as soon as possible. Now is the time to contact your Tampa, FL A/C contractor, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We understand how hot it is in Tampa, FL, and the comfort is dependent on your air conditioning. Know that if your air conditioner breaks down in the dawn of midnight or during the most scorching days of the summer, we at Air Conditioning Repair Today will be there to help. In Tampa, FL, and the nearby regions, we provide quick and cost-effective air conditioning maintenance, installation, and repair. Call us today!

How much does it cost to replace AC capacitors?

A capacitor is an electrical part that stores energy and releases it when needed by the system. It begins when you switch on the air conditioner. It also loses its effectiveness after a lengthy period of use. Because it is an important electric component of an air conditioner, you must always have it repaired by a competent technician, like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today.

The cost of an AC capacitor ranges from $120-$250. The cost is determined by the model, brand, and whether the machine is single or dual-run. A capacitor replacement costs roughly $170 on average, while certain AC capacitors could cost $400.

The cost of an AC capacitor is determined by the unit’s pricing and the work needed for installation. This tutorial goes through all of the AC capacitor pricing, alternatives, and costs of this important HVAC repair.

The capacitor in the AC saves energy to give the machine a boost when it’s time to begin a new cycle. If the capacitor fails, your system may fail when you require it the most (which is every time, of course). But don’t worry; this is a pretty simple and affordable remedy.

It’s vital to remember that this is not a part of those DIY projects where you can figure things out as you go. You must not do it unless you’ve conducted your research and have all the necessary safety equipment.

Any moment you work with electricity, you run the risk of being electrocuted. The AC capacitor might leak hazardous substances or even rupture, resulting in catastrophic harm. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might wind up ruining your HVAC system at the absolute least.

Contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to save time and avoid any dangers.

How much does it cost to replace a compressor in an air conditioner?

If a specialist informed you that your compressor needed to be replaced, you probably didn’t think one item could be that pricey.

Regrettably, it is the harsh reality: compressor replacement is costly. The cost of replacing an AC compressor in Portland ranges between $1,000 and $3,000.

What is a compressor?

The compressor’s job is to transfer refrigerant (the material that eliminates heat from heated air) around the AC.

The compressor is located in the outdoor air conditioning device.

The compressor is the “heart” of your AC system, while the refrigerant is the “blood.”

Because the compressor is such an important component of an air conditioning system, if it fails, your air conditioner will be unable to chill your home at all.

Why is a compressor so expensive to replace?

The cost of compressor replacement is high for two reasons:

The component itself is costly.

The job takes a long time to complete (about 4 hours).

The cost of replacing your compressor, however, is determined by the following factors:

The compressor’s size: The larger the AC system, the stronger the compressor should be. Compressors with higher power are likewise more costly.

Your air conditioner’s components warranty: Most manufacturers provide a limited parts guarantee on all new air conditioners. Because the compressor is an important component of the AC system, this warranty normally covers its replacement. If your compressor’s warranty is still good to go, you might not have to spend as much to repair it. You may check if the warranty is still valid by going to the manufacturer’s website and looking up your AC model number. The outdoor unit’s model number may be found there.

Because replacing a compressor is a large expenditure, we recommend calling a reputable technician, like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to explain why your compressor requires change and providing upfront, accurate pricing.

Tell me the best time for central AC replacement?

Replacement of your air conditioning system is unavoidable from time to time. It is critical to replace the AC system with a newer one and obtain the peace of mind that your family is secure, whether your unit is really old, has been damaged beyond repair, isn’t cooling correctly, or replacing is less expensive than fixing.

However, upgrading an HVAC system during the summer might result in greater replacement costs, longer turnaround times, and more discomfort. The optimal time to update HVAC systems is, without a doubt, during the off-season.

The off-season, which typically runs from late September to mid-November and the first week of March to mid-May, is the greatest time to replace the house or business’s HVAC system. You have 1 1/2 months in the spring and 2 1/2 months in the fall. This time might vary depending on the weather.

Of course, there are several prerequisites to updating your HVAC system. For example, you must only replace your air conditioner if it’s more than 10-15 years old, has regular dust leaks, generates a lot of noise due to extended use, is becoming increasingly expensive, and has major humidity, heating, and cooling discrepancies.

Once you’ve decided on the optimum time to upgrade your AC system, guarantee you do so during the off-season. For the most part, this implies mid-fall and late spring. Call us today to learn more!

How much does it cost to replace a furnace and air conditioner?

The key to keeping your house livable is to keep the temperature and humidity levels under control. That is exactly what a working heater and air conditioner do. Choosing an air conditioner and heater must be a need, not a personal preference. Your air conditioner and heater both operate around the clock to keep your home at a pleasant temperature. As a result, it makes perfect sense to replace the units simultaneously with a “matching” furnace and AC that are intended to function together to provide the energy efficiency and interior comfort that best suits the climate and budget. This should be done when both air conditioners and furnaces are nearing the end of their useful lives.

These are some of the things that could influence the price of your furnace and air conditioner.

Efficiency and performance: The better your system’s efficiency, the more expensive it costs.

Capacity: The greater the cooling and heating capacity of the system, the higher the cost. The capacity of central air conditioners ranges from 1.5 tons (18,000 BTU) to 5.0 tons (60,000 BTU). Furnaces range in size from 45,000 BTU to 150,000 BTU.

Installation cost: A furnace installed in a challenging area, such as a cramped attic or crawlspace, will cost extra.

The expense of living in your city: Homeowners who live in more expensive cities might have to pay a higher installation fee.

Don’t settle for the first HVAC business that pops up on Google. Look for a company with a good reputation and has been in operation for a long time. We’ve been offering AC services in Tampa, FL, for years and are the highest-rated company in the area. For additional information, call us today!

Upgrade to a new AC system to improve energy efficiency!

In general, newer air conditioners are more efficient than older systems. Depending on the power pricing, the new unit’s greater efficiency will generally cover the investment cost within a few years. While there are many elements to consider, the basic rule is that it should be replaced if your air conditioner is a decade old or older.

Even if the AC unit is less than ten years old, if it is not performing correctly or repair expenditures are mounting, it might be time to consider replacing it. The same is true if you’ve increased the size of your house or made significant energy efficiency upgrades. Your current air conditioner may be currently undersized or excessive.

The capacity of your air conditioner has a big impact on how much energy your cooling system uses. While the air conditioner’s effectiveness is generally assessed by its SEER rating, it’s also dependent on the unit’s size. Air conditioner sizes in the United States are measured in Btu (British thermal units) or tons. A new air conditioner must be the right size for your home. Smaller units are often less costly to operate and consume less energy than larger units with a similar SEER rating.

Undersized air conditioners may not be able to offer adequate cooling. Oversized AC makes your home noisy, waste energy, and provide insufficient dehumidification and temperature control. Your power consumption and the bill can rise if your air conditioner is the wrong size. A poorly sized AC system can lower system efficiency by up to 30%, based on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program.

While the capacity is primarily determined by the size of the house, additional considerations like the local temperature, your home’s insulation standard, the quality of the ductwork, and other factors all impact the needed AC size. Whatever the SEER number, a properly sized air conditioner improves efficiency.

In many situations, old air conditioners are already big and shouldn’t be replaced with a model of the same size. Have a competent technician like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today do a load assessment before replacing your AC to determine the proper size for the new system.


How much does it cost to install an AC system?

Central air conditioning installation expenses generally range from $3,777 to $7,506, with an average of $5,641.

Can I install AC on my own?

Several air conditioners are available, and you may believe you can install one by yourself. However, hiring a qualified electrician is the safest and legal alternative for individuals who wish to put an air conditioner in their house.

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