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AC Maintenance

Nowadays, people use their ACs to keep their homes comfortable and cool. However, if your air conditioning system is not running properly, it could result in more than just discomfort. Skipping routine maintenance could lead to expensive replacement and repair. Avoid that scenario by keeping your AC in proper working order. Here is why you should prioritize getting your air conditioner maintained and inspected:

Protects Important Equipment

It could be costly to replace an AC, particularly if you need to do so every few years. Staying updated with maintenance and tune-ups prolongs your equipment’s life.

Maintenance also lessens the stress on ACs. When filters are dirty, and ducts are clogged, air conditioning systems must put more work to sustain air output. That places more stress on the cooling units and motor and could soon lead to a malfunction.

Energy Savings Add Up

Preventative maintenance keeps your ac running smoothly at optimum performance. It helps this vital equipment to save energy. Routine air conditioner “checkups” include extensive cleaning of cooling coils, blades, and other parts. That boosts energy efficiency, which saves you money on your bills.

The AC tune-up would include many crucial checkpoints like duct replacement/monitoring of coolant, cleaning, thermostat check, thorough check of seals and equipment, etc.

Offers Comfort and Peace of Mind

Outside of school and work, families spend most of their time at home. That is why you should prioritize the air quality.

When ACs break down, debris and dirt can accumulate around the system. Eventually, that has an adverse impact on the air quality inside your home. Furthermore, clogged filters let air contaminants pass through, creating breathing quality and allergy complications. Why put the safety of your family and guests at risk?

Specializing in all AC aspects in Tampa, FL, and the neighboring community, we could assist with keeping you and your family cool and comfortable during summer. Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to schedule an appointment.

AC Maintenance

Air Conditioner Repairs

If you arrive at your uncomfortably hot home in Tampa, FL, that is a telltale sign that you have to contact a reliable AC technician, like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today. Sadly, not every sign that your AC requires repair would be that clear. Ensure your air conditioner unit stays in tip-top shape and your house remains comfortable by looking out for these warning indications.

1. You’ve Seen A Considerable Spike In Your Energy Bills.

A huge rise in your bill suggests your air conditioning unit is not working efficiently. If you get a maintenance check, a certified technician will ensure everything’s in proper working condition.

2. Your AC Is Really Noisy.

Your AC would always produce some kind of noise, but how much is too much? Loud banging or rattling could indicate a loose component, which could lead to damage to other parts of the machine. Screeching noises are often due to a problem with the belt. Contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to diagnose the problem!

3. Your Unit Is Leaking Or Frozen.

Undoubtedly, a puddle of water is never a good sign when it comes to air conditioning units. Before mold turns into a problem, hire someone to solve your issue. Furthermore, a frozen air conditioner could be due to a refrigerant leak, which is something you would wish to be repaired sooner than later.

4.Your Home’s Air Isn’t Comfortable.

Is there uneven cooling in various rooms within your home? Perhaps you have observed the air just wouldn’t get cold enough. Or, maybe your house feels humid or muggy. All these can be caused by a problem with your air conditioner that requires repair.

5. You Have Low Airflow.

If the air in your home does not feel as cool as your desired temperature, it could also have something to do with the airflow. When your air conditioner kicks on again the next time, try laying your hand next to your vent. If the air blown out is not very powerful, there’s an issue.

Do you think your home or AC is having any of the issues mentioned above? The experts at Air Conditioning Repair Today could lend a hand! We have been keeping families in Tampa cool for years. For cost-effective rates, outstanding customer service, and high-quality service, contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today now! Learn more about AC Replacement.

Maintain Your Home Cooling System

It’s understandable when your HVAC expert recommends annual maintenance for your AC, and it could be a simple thing to ignore. After all, it isn’t like there’s anything particularly wrong with your AC, so why arrange a service and spend money if you do not need it right away? What if your AC is working “just fine”?

Well, we believe your AC should and could work much greater than “just fine.” Actually, expert maintenance would make sure that your AC works as effectively and efficiently as it is made to and lengthen its entire lifespan.

The Power of Professional AC Maintenance

If you are new to the field central AC, you may also be new to the field of maintenance. However, just like your car, you need to get yearly tune-ups to maintain your home cooling system and to ensure it keeps working like it is supposed to.

During the AC tune-up, our technicians arrive at your doorstep and extensively clean and adjust the major parts of your air conditioner unit that need it. In addition, we thoroughly check it to see if you need any repairs. If there are any, we will inform you straight away to have them scheduled in no time.

Overall, this service would boost the operation and longevity of your cooling unit, and we really can not stress just how significant it is.

When you choose to work with us at Air Conditioning Repair Today, you can rest assured that your unit is in good hands. We have been servicing Tampa homeowners for years, and our impressive track record speaks volumes about the kind of service we provide. Contact us today to know more!

Central Air Conditioners

No matter how powerful or efficient your AC unit was before, no cooling system out there could keep up with the weather in Tampa without routine expert care. At Air Conditioning Repair Today, our technicians know what it takes to optimize a cooling unit for outstanding performance, and we are happy to offer extensive AC maintenance services to our customers.

Our AC service staff are certified, licensed, and thoroughly trained, offering you one source for all your AC service needs. Air Conditioning Repair Today provides punctual scheduling, solutions, honest pricing that ensure your comfort regarding keeping cool in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.

Searching for air conditioning maintenance services in the Tampa area, FL? Call Air Conditioning Repair Today!

Why Maintenance for Central Air Conditioners is Important

AC units require maintenance for the same reason your vehicle requires regular tune-ups. Cooling systems work hard, and it proceeds to do so for months on end every year. All that effort on your unit’s components would take its toll as dust, and grime accumulation in the unit and parts begin to loosen and wear down.

Constant expert air conditioning maintenance offsets the wear and tear your unit gets, setting things right and assisting your unit in running more efficiently. Moreover, maintenance offers an extensive range of other advantages, such as:

  • Lower risks of air conditioner breakdowns and expensive AC repair
  • Increased unit efficiency, minimizing energy waste, and lessen cooling bills
  • Prolonged overall equipment lifespan that’ll guarantee you maximize your cooling unit’s value
  • Protection for your air conditioning unit’s manufacturer warranty

Ready to book your yearly air conditioning maintenance service? Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to arrange an appointment!

AC Maintenance Checklist – 7 Easy Steps

Most people use their air conditioner less and less as the end of summer unfolds, and fall weather starts. However, here in Tampa, it’s pretty hot all throughout the year. Setting an appointment with your reliable air conditioning company could keep the equipment in top condition. Here are some steps done to maintain your AC:

1. Replace The Filter

Replacing or cleaning the unit’s air filter is something you must do on a regular basis. Inspecting your filter every three months is a great rule to observe. You should perform this more frequently if you smoke or have pets. If you have not replaced your filter in summer yet, now’s the time to finish that chore.

You could conserve money on filters by bulk buying them at a home store or local hardware. Take a look at your manufacturer’s manual to ensure you are utilizing the right filter type for your model number.

2. Keep The Compressor Free Of Debris

Summer weather could lead to all kinds of debris accumulation around your outdoor system. Remove any brush, leaves, or grass grown up landed on, under, or around your equipment. That enables airflow to move easily over your system. A leaf blower could make it simpler to remove debris from around your equipment.

3. Visually Inspect The Compressor

A visual check could warn you if you need repairs and emphasize the significance of regular maintenance. Take note of loose connections, frayed wiring, rust, and any worn-looking components. Parts that seem loose or damaged should also be noted.

Damage could occur during your regular lawn care routine. Weed trimmers and mowers could bring wire, foliage, and rocks, into your unit. Search for water and refrigerant leaks in the outdoor and indoor equipment.

4. Remove Items Stored Around The Unit

It is easy to leave other items or equipment close to your air conditioning unit. Many people keep things next to their equipment in the closet or basement where it is installed. Failing to remember where you have left items right next to or leaning against the equipment is normal. Now’s the time to take them off and clear the airflow around your unit.

5. Clean Coils And Condensate Line

Through time, dirty coils and clogged lines could make your air conditioner malfunction. A clogged condensate line would be noticeable by the standing water in your drain pan. Clean coils keep the system working efficiently. If the system struggles to keep your house at a proper temperature, dirty coils can be part of the issue.

6. Cover Outdoor Unit

Covering an outdoor system would keep winter weather from causing damage to it. ACs on a rooftop or the ground could be impacted by snow, cold air, wind, and rain. Covers could be seen at most home stores. Water-resistant or plastic covers are an ideal choice. Ensure your cover is built to keep birds and pests away while allowing all moisture to be discharged.

7. Check Ventilation and Ducting

Perform a visual inspection to search for holes, rips, loose insulation. Deal with any damage ASAP. That may also be a great time for an expert duct cleaning.

We at Air Conditioning Repair Today have been a high-rated cooling and heating company in Tampa, FL, for years. We are a local family-owned company well-known for accurate, prompt service. Call us today to know more!

AC Maintenance in Florida

For years, Tampa, FL residents have counted on us at Air Conditioning Repair Today for outstanding air conditioning maintenance. During the scorching days, you should have an effective AC to cool your Tampa home. Our crew of qualified technicians is always on-call, ready to provide service.

At Air Conditioning Repair Today, we provide an extensive AC tune-up in the Tampa Bay area to improve your AC’s performance. You could rely on us to perform a superior service since we have years of experience in the AC industry. Our experts have the skills needed to deal with all your presented projects. Regarding regular air conditioning maintenance, we’ll inspect vital parts like filters to eliminate clogs. We’ll also lubricate moving components for easy operation.

Signs That You Need AC Maintenance:

  • Disruptive sounds
  • Terrible smell
  • Increased energy bills
  • Too much humidity
  • Inadequate airflow
  • Water leaks
  • Uneven temperatures
  • Dust buildup
  • Continuously running air conditioner

When we finish the maintenance, you’ll observe favorable changes, like lower utility bills. You will the comfort of your Tampa Bay home back with enough airflow. The overall air quality inside your home would be free from dust and musty odors too. The AC would perform efficiently, fulfilling all of your cooling needs. The highlight is the machine would last longer since it doesn’t have a hard time serving you. Call us today at Air Conditioning Repair Today to know more!

Expert Air Conditioning Maintenance

The greatest mistake property owners make regarding their cooling and heating unit is postponing until something’s wrong to get help. Rather than waiting for issues to come up, you could become proactive. You could arrange regular maintenance.

For a regular AC unit, you should arrange routine maintenance annually. Ideally, yearly maintenance occurs during spring. You could get a maintenance plan to conserve money and time.

You should also maintain your central air units once a year. Air conditioning maintenance services lessen the chance of your air conditioning unit malfunction when you need it most.


When a professional AC technician like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today arrives at your doorstep, they’re looking at physical components –drain line, air filters, evaporator coils, condenser, etc. They’re also checking electrical components and thermostat function.

Eventually, your air conditioning system collects dirt and dust that you can not always see. This accumulation could make your unit run less efficiently – suggesting you’re paying more and getting less. It could also affect the air quality, which might impact your health.

Getting a service ensures all the AC system parts are operating efficiently and all areas are clean.

Routine maintenance services need less time than solving an issue when it pops up. You could expect that a normal maintenance visit would take nearly one hour based on how much work has to be performed.

We offer heating and AC replacement, maintenance, and repair services at a reasonable rate. So, if you are searching for a reliable AC service provider, call us now!

Maintenance of air conditioners

Is your air conditioner going to run when you turn it on? Do not leave it up to chance! Fortunately, when you invest in routine AC maintenance checkups, you will get peace of mind that you are ready to beat the heat all year long. Our AC experts at Air Conditioning Repair Today in Tampa, FL, want to give you vital information regarding your air conditioning maintenance check!

You could also reach us directly to set up AC maintenance services!

What’s Involved in AC Maintenance?

Though your AC unit is built to last 10-15 years, you will receive peak performance from your equipment if you get an expert to perform a tune-up every year.

During their maintenance visit, our technician would perform the following:

Closely check all unit parts

Inspect for wear and tear on belts and other moving components

Make slight repairs and adjustments

Clean condenser coils

Adjust thermostat

Check refrigerant levels and inspect for leaks

Check motor and blower belt operation

Why Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Getting your AC maintained is the greatest way to guarantee it’ll run at peak performance, lessening your utility bills and lowering the chance of ab expensive breakdown. The main benefits are the following:

  • Improved unit performance
  • Less repair visits
  • Better air quality
  • Better efficiency
  • Longer unit lifespan

Better overall home comfort Routine AC maintenance makes sense—for your safety, wallet, and health. If you are eager to know more regarding AC maintenance for your Tampa home, call the experts of Air Conditioning Repair Today today!

AC Evaporator and Condenser Coil Maintenance

The condenser coil and evaporator coil in your AC unit have a vital role in your AC’s cooling process. Because the two of these are key parts of your air conditioner, we want to share what both coils do, what happens to the air conditioner when the coils are dirty and how to maintain their cleanliness.

What is an AC evaporator coil?

The evaporator coil is seen attached to the air handler. It is the part of an AC that consumes the heat from the air in your home. The refrigerant eliminates the heat as air travels over the coil and sends the warmed refrigerant to the outside condenser coil.

What is an AC condenser coil?

The exterior fan cools the compressed refrigerant down to a liquid in the external condenser coil. When the liquid is finished, it passes to the evaporator, converted to vapor. The cooled air is sent back into the house through your ventilation system once the refrigerant has converted into vapor. The cooling effect is derived from the refrigerant’s liquid vaporizing.

What happens if AC coils are dirty?

Your home won’t cool adequately if the condenser and evaporator coils aren’t cleaned regularly. When dirt accumulates on one of your coils, the air con’s refrigerant cooling operation becomes more difficult.

The air conditioner must work harder and consume more electricity to chill your home. Accordingly, your energy expenses might arise as a result.

Another significant negative effect – and worst-case scenario – of needing to work harder on your air conditioner is that it may fail. Extreme humidity and heat – which are all too typical in Florida– increase the likelihood of this happening. Cleaning the evaporator and evaporator coils helps prevent an unexpected malfunction of your air conditioner.

How to clean evaporator and condenser coils

Scheduling frequent preventive maintenance is the best method to keep the HVAC system’s coils clean. The condenser and evaporator coils will be inspected and cleaned if one of our assistance specialists visits your house to clean and examine your HVAC system. Because these coils are difficult to reach, cleaning them should be left to a qualified service specialist.

AC fan & blower maintenance

When both systems utilize the exact blower fan, which is located at the base of the cabinet, they are packed in a similar cabinet with your furnace (plus an outside condenser unit to circulate heat). The blower fan performs two crucial functions to keep the air conditioner running: it delivers conditioned air via the ventilation system and into your rooms, and it passes warm air from the return vents over the evaporator coils. An air conditioner’s evaporator coils should possess a cascade of air circulating across them to generate the evaporation that consumes heat from the air to chill it down properly.

Due to the blower fan doing such a large amount of work when the air conditioner is turned on, it would wear down and may require repairs in the future. Professional experts like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today will perform regular basic maintenance to ensure that your blower motor is correctly oiled and cleaned, ensuring a long service life. They’ll also look for any damage to the fan blades.

However, there’s no way to prevent all blower fan repair demands. Contact repair professionals instantly if the fan in the AC fails to come on or you notice clicking and clicking noises every time it operates. Also, keep an eye out for any changes in airflow from the vents; this might suggest that the fan is having trouble. Change your air filter routinely (once every month during the summer) to keep debris out of your return vents and your blower motor from getting filthy.

Rely on us at Air Conditioning Repair Today for reliable air conditioning repair assistance in Tampa, FL. Our professionals have a combined expertise of over a century and utilize the most up-to-date technology to ensure that every repair they make to your home’s heating and cooling system fixes the problem and keeps it fixed.

Energy inspections keep costs in check

Tampa’s humid and hot weather can not be ignored, which is why air conditioner maintenance is critical. Until your AC equipment unexpectedly malfunctions, it’s easy to think that its functioning is in good working order.

Regular maintenance improves the effectiveness of the AC system, saving you money on energy and lowering your power costs. You might save up to 30% on electricity bills if your air conditioner is regularly maintained. Here are a few of the ways that keeping your AC unit in good working order may save you money on AC repairs in Tampa.

Reduced Repairs

Regular maintenance might help you save money on future AC issues. You’ll be sure to capture little problems before they worsen and cause irreversible harm to the AC system if you inspect it regularly.

Increased Lifespan of the A/C Unit

Routine maintenance can assist in keeping your AC system in good working order. Regular service has been shown to increase a unit’s lifespan by up to 5 years in the long term. A damaged or broken air conditioner won’t only fail to run at peak efficiency, but it’ll also result in unexpected extra expenses for repairs, power, and replacements.

Lowers the Chances of a Breakdown

An AC is frequently among a home’s most important mechanical equipment. Each homeowner wishes their HVAC unit performs at top effectiveness for at least a decade or more, but it’s also fairly expensive to acquire. A poorly maintained air conditioner is more likely to have worn-out and unclean components, reducing its efficacy. You could save cash while keeping the house cool and nice during those sweltering Tampa summers by maintaining your system in good working order.

Maintaining optimal air conditioner’s effectiveness keeps your house cool and pleasant while also saving you money on your power bill. It’s the peace of mind you gain from knowing your property will be well-ventilated and cool during the hottest days in Florida. Contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to know more.

AC Filter Maintenance

The functions of an air conditioner filter might be a source of confusion for Tampa homeowners. Numerous dust particles and other components enter the system vents because air conditioners take outside air and turn it into cold air. Debris and dirt will be trapped in an air filter, preventing them from entering your house’s air stream. But, over time, this process causes filter blockage.

Filters in an air conditioner system can become blocked in 3-4 weeks in the warmest season of the year. Delaying too long to clean or change a filter might cause the cooling system to lose efficiency and shorter life expectancy.

Knowing the Time for AC Filter Maintenance

In a normal Tampa summer, you should change or clean the air filter once a month when using the air conditioning unit.

When you have the air conditioner set to usual settings in the summer, you might notice a rise in the temperature. This is a sure indicator that it’s time to replace your filter. Otherwise, sticking to a fixed schedule is the greatest way to ensure that the system isn’t doing more than it needs to cool your house.

Practical Filter Maintenance

Filters are generally found along the course of your return duct in central AC, and this might indicate that filters are present in the furnace, walls, or unit itself. Have new filters on hand to prevent overtaxing the HVAC system during the busy summer season.

Beyond Filter Maintenance

Coil cleaning, modifying coil fins, cleaning condensate drain channels, and guaranteeing mechanical processes are all part of more sophisticated maintenance. Maintenance of this nature should be left to AC specialists unless you have prior knowledge of technical work on air conditioners. Inspecting refrigerant content to verify zero leaks is a crucial test to think about.

For years, dependable Air Conditioning Repair Today professionals have assisted homeowners in maintaining and resolving issues with their air conditioning systems. Call us today to know more!

AC Drain Line and Drain Pan Maintenance

You may not be aware that humidity removal is an important aspect of air conditioning. That is unless the condensate drain line develops difficulties in the first place. In any place, the air is humid, and the system can extract up to liters of water each day from the indoor air. Most of the time, that condensate travels down the drain just as it should. However, it may become blocked with leaves, dirt, or even ice, just like any other pipe.

You can not wait for the system to repair itself if it is freezing up or just shutting off. Here is how to figure out what’s happening and the advantages of contacting the AC repair Tampa residents rely on when they need to get rid of the heat quickly.

How to Tell You Have a Clog

You shouldn’t transform your house into a swimming pool if you’re managing dozens of liters of water pulled from the air every day. Over the day, the condensation gradually evaporates. It normally drains out from the drain pan below the evaporator coils, which are housed within your home. The entire system is at peril if the drain line becomes clogged. If you detect something, focus closely and be prepared to act:

Even if you crank down the thermostat, your cooling output is poor.

Continuous cycling, which makes it appear as if the machine is swiftly turning on and off.

Near the evaporator coils, there may be water leaks or ice accumulation.

You undoubtedly already know that electricity and water are not compatible. Because the alternative would be to ruin the system, a blocked drain line turn it off. That is why puddles near the unit should be treated with extreme caution. Your property’s comfort and your investment are at stake.

Why You Should Schedule for AC Repair Service in Tampa

The cause of the problem determines how to solve it. Clearing the pipe after some dirt has built up from your recent landscaping endeavor may be as simple as flushing your line. That’s a common solution. If your drain line is jammed with ice from the evaporator coils, though, you might need to take a whole other technique.

Hiring a specialist to evaluate your system’s performance and come up with a solution will assist you in avoiding being in the same predicament in one week or two. Spending a little more money and time to be sure you’ve corrected it might save you thousands or hundreds of dollars in the long run.

We at Air Conditioning Repair Today can handle all aspects of air conditioning repair in Tampa. For quality AC replacement, maintenance, and repair services, contact us right now.

Time for a Air Conditioning Tune-up

If you are wondering how an air conditioning tune-up can help make your home safe and comfortable, here are some considerations:

Avoiding Rust

This is a little less evident, but it’s still crucial. Rust is the nemesis of machines that work. Lubricating moving components and cleaning all parts are included in regular maintenance routines. The result is that rust does not build up to the degree it could shut down motors during a humid summer.

Higher Efficiency, Lower Utility Bill

Cooling and heating equipment function more efficiently when they’re tightened up, charged, and filled, and particularly when your intake filters are clean of junk. They need less energy to accomplish a similar amount of work. This is beneficial not just to the machine but also to your wallet.

Improved Safety

If the incorrect screw breaks loose in any equipment that employs electricity, chemical refrigerants, or quick-moving metal pieces, things may go very ugly and quickly. Having your air conditioner serviced routinely significantly decreases the risks of a small disaster occurring on the side of your property.

Service Life Extension

By arranging an AC cleaning and tune-up this spring and each spring after that, you’ll be able to enjoy your AC all summer for a lot more summers than you’d otherwise be able to.

Are you looking for ac maintenance? To schedule an appointment, contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today in Tampa, FL now!

Fast & Affordable AC Maintenance Services

Because of the humid and hot summers in the Florida region, it’s critical to keep the AC system in good working order. The easiest method to achieve this is to do it on a regular basis. Our NATE-certified air conditioning experts at Air Conditioning Repair Today know to keep the system in top shape.

We provide residential air conditioning installation, repairs, maintenance, and 24-hour emergency assistance for every type and brand of air conditioning system. We’ve been offering high-quality heating and air conditioning services for years.

Has your AC system been serviced in the last year? Contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today immediately to arrange AC maintenance in the Tampa area.

Regular maintenance must be carried out regularly to be effective. In general, our AC maintenance appointments include:

The air filter would be handled

Fan pulleys and bearings of the blower motor would be lubricated.

The airflow in the supply and return would be checked

Condenser and evaporator coils would be cleaned.

The condensate tray and drain would be cleaned.

The charge of refrigerant would be checked.

The refrigerant lines would be inspected.

Electrical switches, terminals, and contracts would all be inspected.

The start capacitor and compressor relay would be tested

Blower motor and compressor currents would be measured

The zoning system, control circuits, and thermostat would be tested

If any problems are discovered, we also provide air conditioning repair services and replacement assistance when your system is no longer worthy of repair.

How often should I have an AC maintenance check?

Our staff recommends that your air conditioning system be serviced at least annually (usually throughout the spring season). However, you may require more periodic tune-ups over the year to ensure that your system continues to function properly.

Allowing your air conditioner to break down amid the heat is not a good idea. Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today immediately for quality AC servicing in Tampa or nearby regions.

Quiet a noisy air conditioner

Because it is blocked or broken, your air conditioning machine may create noise. This sound might suggest that your unit isn’t working properly.

The need for yearly air conditioning maintenance is shown in this situation. Work with a professional AC expert like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to clean debris, clear drains, and change filters.

Not only will routine servicing improve the sound of your AC, but it’ll also improve its performance. It will last longer as well.

Some people believe that maintaining an air conditioner is a financial burden. However, you’re your AC service contractor maintains your AC. They’ll fix most of the issues that cause it to create noise.

They can stop the AC from producing noise in the first place in this situation, so you’re not even aware that they have saved you money. Most issues that can impair the function of your AC can be avoided by following an AC maintenance checklist.

Have your air conditioner serviced before it stops operating properly. Routine air conditioner maintenance might help you avoid costly problems in the long term. Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to know more.


What is done during AC maintenance?

Loose or dirty electrical connections, broken safety systems, refrigerant leaks, or leaky seals surrounding the air handler will be checked by the HVAC specialist, who will search for problems like these.

How often should you maintain your AC?

It is recommended that your home AC system be serviced at least once annually.

How much does it cost for AC maintenance?

For AC maintenance, you may be responsible for a fee of $300 on average. Most homes spend $150-$400 on air conditioning maintenance.

Should I pay for AC maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is necessary to keep the cooling system’s manufacturer warranty intact while boosting its efficiency, performance, and lifetime. A trained HVAC contractor must tune up every HVAC system once a year.

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