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AC Replacement

Do you require an ac replacement? AC systems are built to last, but regrettably, they do not last forever. Numerous warning indications could assist you in determining if you have to get your AC replaced.

After years of usage, your air conditioning system could have difficulty keeping the right temperature. If it’s been producing air warmer than what’s on the thermostat and making it uncomfortable indoors—that is a key indicator.

There are various working parts in an air conditioning unit. You might have tried air conditioning maintenance and repair, but the noises keep returning. Some minor sounds could usually be fixed, particularly if the unit is relatively new, but when louder noises begin happening, such as rattling, screeching, scraping, or other odd sounds, it is probably time for AC replacement.

Your AC system should be able to push the air all across your home to cool it well. If you see a substantial decrease in the airflow coming through the vents, it could very well indicate that your compressor is about to “bite the dust.” Having your air conditioning system replaced before that could save you and your family lots of stress and stop those unexpected expenses and emergency calls.

That means it is working much harder than it should and utilizing more energy trying to keep your home at the right temperature. Air conditioning systems in proper working condition should operate effectively and efficiently. Unless there’s been a recent dramatic weather shift that you could relate to with your bill surge, there may be a major problem.

Some amount of condensation or water is normal. But if you’ve seen too much water pooling around the system, it is important to have it assessed. There might even be refrigerant leaks, and these chemicals should be dealt with by professionals. Timeliness is of the essence because too much water could stimulate the growth of bacteria and mold in your house and be an actual health hazard.

If you keep having issues and your unit is out of warranty, replacement is a better investment. Aside from spending money for repairs, you’ll probably have higher energy bills than they should be every month. That adds up really fast. Costly repairs after the warranty expires are a normal indication that your air conditioning system has to be replaced.

Air Conditioning Repair Today provides the most reliable and fastest air conditioning service in Tampa. Our seasoned technicians provide the greatest solutions in every possible situation. When it is time for a new AC system, contact our air conditioning technicians at Air Conditioning Repair Today!

AC Replacement

Air Conditioning Unit Repair

If you see an AC issue and it has ceased to deliver the same results you are used to, it is time to contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today for professional air conditioning unit repair. Broken air conditioning units do not provide the temperature control you depend on during the summers of Tampa, FL. The temperature and humidity become a difficult situation. Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today for the top air conditioning repair service in Tampa!

Sweating it out inside your home all summer is not a great idea of a good time – if your AC is not keeping you cool, do not neglect this problem! Air Conditioning Repair Today is dedicated to having your unit up and running again with fast air conditioning repair service so you could relax and enjoy cold air indoors. Common AC problems occur at all times, and our well-versed cooling and heating technicians conduct repairs for all models and brands.

Our team is loaded with the tools necessary to conduct reliable and complete AC repairs. That includes the most recent diagnostic tools to check your unit and locate the issue and the parts necessary to finish the repair. We have various AC replacement parts for every major brand to avoid air conditioning repair delays.

A lot of property owners postpone AC repairs when there are warning indications of an issue. Sadly, that has the potential to cause more damage to the unit – as well as increased energy bills from the additional energy consumption that an under-performing AC could cause. Call in our pros at Air Conditioning Repair Today at the first sign of a cooling problem.

Signs your AC unit is not operating like it should might include:

  • Warm air
  • Unusual sounds from your unit when starting, running, or stopping
  • More often cooling cycles (referred to as short-cycling)
  • Increased cooling bills with no other reason

Check for AC performance problems before they result in system damage and major malfunctions. If you neglect repair needs too long, your AC might receive damage beyond repair. Allow us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to help you protect your equipment investment with quality AC repair. Call us today! Learn more about Air Conditioning Installation.

Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance

Temperatures are reaching 90°, and you’ve spent your day outdoors with your family. Coming home, you can’t wait for a relaxing evening in front of your AC, but when you open the door, you’re greeted by a wall of hot air. Inspecting your AC unit, you discover the motor has died. You ask yourself why stuff like this always seems to occur at the worst time possible. But it does not have to happen, actually.

By conducting yearly maintenance on your AC, you could detect any possible problems early enough to get them repaired before it’s too late.

Let the skilled technicians at Air Conditioning Repair Today offer thorough cleaning and inspection of your Tampa, Florida home’s air conditioning unit. To arrange AC maintenance, contact us!

Benefits of Regular AC Repair and Maintenance

It’s likely that you wouldn’t purchase a new AC unit every year; most of us won’t. One of the benefits of routine maintenance is the ability to prolong your current unit’s lifespan. Consider these other benefits:

Reduced stress – Clogged filters and ducts make your AC work harder to try and put out the same air amount. This puts stress on the cooling units and motors—making them break down faster.

Improved health – A filter could only carry so much material before it ceases to filter air at some point. Any air that gets through could be polluted with dust and other particles. That wreaks havoc with allergies and irritates those with breathing issues.

Enhanced comfort – Many of us, particularly the very young and old, can not handle extreme temperatures. By tuning your AC, you could better control the temperature inside your home, making it comfortable for everyone.

Do you need expert and reliable AC solutions? Call us today at Air Conditioning Repair Today!

Cooling System Repair

When having AC repair issues, you have to deal with them ASAP before they become an even bigger problem. Look out for these surefire indications that you require home air conditioning repair:

Reduced energy efficiency – If your energy bills have increased, you may be having an inefficient AC that’s overworking itself to keep your house cool. The older the unit, the harder it has to run to keep the comfort. Prevent high utility bills by getting air conditioning repair services or reach us online to arrange service.

Ineffective cooling – Did your AC stop running like it once did? If you do not feel the cool breeze flowing within your Tampa, FL, home anymore, it can be due to an AC system failure, a clog, or wear and tear!

Unusual smells – We all know that the AC would probably create a musty odor at the start of the season. But if a strange smell persists, there could be a huge issue that needs expert assistance!

Odd noises – Your AC should be background sound, which is why loud clanking, grinding, or banging sounds have to be dealt with immediately. If left ignored, a minor issue could become a much bigger problem.

Do not put up with an air conditioning system that’s giving you more problems than what it’s worth. Stop AC issues with our professional AC repair services.

We at Air Conditioning Repair Today have been offering high-quality AC repair service to Tampa homeowners for years. Regarding services for your AC unit, search no more for here’s Air Conditioning Repair Today. Call us today to know more!

Air conditioner replacement in Florida

For the last few summers, your AC has been a reliable helper against stifling humidity and sweltering temperatures. But even the most reliable of AC equipment could begin to exhibit signs of aging and stress, particularly if you have had your air conditioning unit for the past decade or longer. At some point, you will need to choose if your unit just requires some repairs or it has to be replaced completely.

Note that a few AC units last for 30 years or more with routine maintenance, while others malfunction in just as little as ten years. It all relies on how well you have taken care of your air conditioning unit, how frequently it’s utilized, and various other factors.

When Should You Repair?

It is easy to jump to conclusions when you encounter an AC issue. Luckily, the vast majority of air conditioning problems are minor in scope and easy enough to repair without fanfare. For example, an issue with your system’s airflow might be the final result of something as simple as damaged ductwork or a clogged air filter. Many of these minor issues could even be solved by our experts at a minimal cost.

But what if the issue is a bit more important than a simple clogged filter? Then it’s only a matter of cost. In most instances, the cost of replacing a worn-out capacitor or failed fan motor might be quite cheaper than having the whole unit replaced.

To keep from shelling out a lot of money into fixing your air conditioning unit, it is a great idea to limit how much to pay for repairs. This limit is very crucial if your unit is over ten years old. Begin by multiplying your quoted AC repair cost by the age of your system, and then compare the result to the cost of whole system replacement. If the multiplied cost of fixing your air conditioning unit stays lower than the replacement cost, then it is still worth it to get your system repaired.

When is Replacement Necessary?

Sometimes there is just no avoiding an air conditioning replacement, particularly if you have a many decades-old system that finally gets conked out. Given the sheer trouble of locating compatible replacement components and the amount of work possibly required for a successful repair, an overall air conditioning replacement would probably be the more sensible choice.

It is a great idea to get our experts to check your existing system’s viability and health before deciding to have an air conditioning replacement. That way, you wouldn’t mistake minor problems that could be easily fixed for major issues that need an overall system replacement. Call us today at Air Conditioning Repair Today!

Cost of an Air Conditioner Replacement and a Complete Breakdown

If you wish to boost your home’s energy efficiency and value, among the best ways to do so is by getting your AC replaced. While it might be a crucial investment, it also guarantees long-term benefits and a good investment return. As such, it is best to get ready for the different expenses that could influence the project’s total cost.

Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of Your Ac Replacement

Square Footage

During the first inspection, our experts would have to measure your home’s square footage to know the size of the unit needed to cool your house efficiently. Naturally, a larger home would require a more powerful air conditioning system, which is more costly than other standard home cooling systems.

The AC Unit

The actual AC would also affect your AC installation cost. Usually, air conditioning systems with a greater energy efficiency ratio cost more, so you may have to research the price range of air conditioning systems depending on their SEER ratings. SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, basically determines the cooling unit’s efficiency. A better SEER rating means a more efficient unit.


Sometimes unexpected situations arise during the job order. For instance, if it occurs that repairs are necessary before they could get your new air conditioner installed, you could expect the additional work to cause a rise in the order’s cost.

Whether it is AC maintenance or installation, you could rely on us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to execute a high-quality job. We are deeply committed to offering you with excellent service and assisting you in saving money on energy. Contact us today!

Average AC replacement cost

AC is considered a necessity in most regions where temperatures could rise in the summer months. If your central air conditioning system is above 10-15 years old, your energy bill for cooling your house is greater than usual, or the air does not seem as cold as it normally do, then it is probably time to have a new central air conditioning system installed. The national average of a new air conditioning system installation is $5,644, with a normal price range of $3,810-$7,480. Central air conditioning system costs are determined by some main factors: the unit’s size, the amount of ductwork necessary, the SEER rating, and any important repairs.


Total central air conditioning systems costs are strongly affected by installation costs, which differ from one project to another. If a new system has to be installed without updating current ductwork, labor costs have a lower average of $1,250-$2,300. For complete unit installation and ductwork, most homeowners shell out an average of $2,550-$3,600. The actual system is an additional cost, and the price is based on the unit type.

System Type and Size

Regarding AC systems, larger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Central air conditioning systems measure their output in BTUs (British thermal units) and are available in 1.5-5-ton capacities. To compute for the air conditioning system size needed:

Multiply your home’s square footage by 18 (because it takes roughly 18 BTUs to cool a single square foot).

If your house has high ceilings, multiply the number by 1.25.

Divide the result by 12,000 to calculate the tonnage needed.

SEER Rating

The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating affects the AC price and tells how effectively a system runs across the season. Systems with a greater SEER rating might amount to more upfront, but they will have reduced operating costs. Based on HomeAdvisor, all air conditioning systems must include at least a 13 SEER rating. If your system was installed before 2006, think of updating it to benefit from the new energy-saving efficiency.

Home Size

The cost of a central air conditioner might be estimated as $2.50 to $6 per square foot. In a hotter region like Florida, installing a central air conditioner will cost more because a more powerful unit with higher-than-average efficiency ratings is required to prevent burning out prematurely. Most climates will function with a unit having a SEER rating of 16 to 18. AC installation will cost between $3,000-$4,000 for a 1,200-square-foot house, relying on the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating.

Do you need more information to help you decide on installing a new AC system for your Tampa home? Call us today at Air Conditioning Repair Today to find out more!

Total cost of an air conditioner replacement

Did you know that air conditioning is installed in roughly 100 million households in the United States? This is due to the fact that the heat in the summer months may be unpleasant. In Florida, having an air conditioner has various advantages. You don’t have to open your doors or windows anymore. Furthermore, an AC unit will benefit your and your family’s general health. But how much does it cost to replace and install an air conditioner?

As you can see, a number of factors influence the cost of air conditioning in your house. The size of the AC unit and the SEER rating must first be considered.

Remember that you’ll have to pay for both the installation and the repairs in the long run. It may appear expensive at first, but once you feel the fresh air rushing through your home, it all makes sense. Do you wish to put an air conditioner in your home?

It’s time to replace your outdated AC system if the money you’ll save in energy, time, energy, and tension is worth more than the minimal cost of a new system in your house. Furthermore, thanks to greater filtration, your home’s air quality will improve, and the humidity will be lowered or removed.

We at Air Conditioning Repair Today are here to help you with your AC installation, so if you have any concerns or questions, please call us today to get a free estimate! Knowing the total cost of an air conditioner replacement will help you in allotting a budget for this essential home system. Reach out to us today!

Local Air conditioner replacement Company

Hiring a local air conditioner replacement company is essential whether you’re replacing an old air conditioner or installing a new central AC system in a new house. In addition to installing a proper air conditioning unit on your behalf, saving you effort and time by not having to do it on your own, they can do repairs and routine maintenance on the unit as well. Proficient air conditioning installation requires the expertise, equipment, and experience to properly install your air conditioner for it to operate smoothly and successfully. Picking the right AC installation company, on the other hand, might be a difficult undertaking because you must evaluate various criteria before making a final selection.

In addition, there are so many air conditioning installation businesses on the market nowadays that it’s difficult to choose the ideal one for you. How do you choose the right one for you?


Experience is a valuable asset that an individual or business should have in every field, and AC installation is no exception. The most trained service professionals have also worked on the most diverse air conditioning equipment and have installed nearly every model and brand available. Furthermore, seasoned air conditioning installers like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today can advise you on which air conditioning systems are the most cost-effective, saving you money on your monthly electricity bill.

Skill level

Regarding installing an air conditioning unit, different installers and servicemen have different technical expertise. Specific brands and models are more acquainted to some service providers than others, and particular installation projects that need greater levels of expertise are more familiar to others. Asking the air conditioning installation, you’re contemplating for two or three recommendations from delighted prior customers can also make you feel more secure in the installer’s level of expertise.


Selecting an air conditioning installation company might be on your top priority list, but it’s important to remember that your selection isn’t exclusively focused on cost. However, before coming to a final selection, you must evaluate the prices offered by various providers.


Another important element to consider while selecting the right air conditioning installation business is its reputation. Furthermore, the air conditioning business will be operating in and around your house, so you must put your faith in the specialists’ abilities and abilities. In addition, browse their website and read their previous client evaluations and feedback. Furthermore, examining their previous client reviews and feedback can assist you in better recognizing their service quality.

If you need service for your AC system, look no further than Air Conditioning Repair Today. Our local AC company has been serving Tampa homeowners for years, and our satisfied customers are proof of the quality service we provide. Call us today to learn more!


SEER and other factors

The efficiency of your AC system partly determines the average price of AC replacement in Tampa, FL. SEER ratings are used to calculate this. As energy usage throughout a regular season, cooling capacity is gauged in Watts (watt-hours). The size of the AC determines the overall cost of repair. A replacement device’s typical replacement price is around $1500, with a replacement cost of around $1000-$3,000.

Emergency HVAC Installation Services Available—Call Today!

When you discover that your air conditioning system has to be changed, you may be tempted to panic as you consider where to go for a new system and the total cost of the process. It might be daunting if you don’t know who to call or where to start with the unit replacement procedure. Finding dependable AC installation in Tampa does not need to be stressful. We are a complete HVAC service provider at Air Conditioning Repair Today, and AC installation is just one of many AC services we can provide for your home.

The prospect of purchasing and installing a big appliance might be scary, but a new AC system could make a big difference, turning a humid and uncomfortable property into a climate-controlled home. We provide convenient AC installation services across our service region, and we encourage customers to book AC installation as soon as possible. We’re here to assist you when the circumstance necessitates a quick turnaround. Emergency services and same-day assistance are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To solve any of your AC difficulties, don’t hesitate to call our specialists here at Air Conditioning Repair Today.

Premier AC Installation Services

Air Conditioning Repair Today is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that clients can rely on. For years, we have been delivering exceptional customer service and an amazing team of skilled and committed technicians to clients in Tampa and the neighboring towns. Customers can rely on our staff to look out for their best interests. Look no more than our team of qualified, trained, and certified technicians when you require measured and correct AC installation. There are several advantages to hiring an expert to install your air conditioner in Tampa.

Longevity: Professional air conditioning installation can have a long-term influence on the performance of your air conditioner. You can verify that your installation process follows the manufacturer’s specifications if you hire an expert to install your system.

AC installation necessitates a thorough grasp and expertise of various sophisticated systems. In the hands of a rookie or inexperienced DIYer or unlicensed professional who lacks the necessary skills to assure safety, qualified technicians work with gas, refrigerant, electrical, and oil, all of which are potentially dangerous.

Certified and Experienced Specialists: Hiring a certified technician is advantageous since they know potential problems and understand how to install the system without causing any damage.

Examining the list of probable hazards and difficulties that might occur in a badly installed new system can often be the greatest way to show the perils of defective AC installation. Professional air conditioning installation saves you money, preserves your investment, and ensures that your home has a safety system in place.

Customers can rely on us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to supply solutions that will work when it counts most. Our team of experts can assist you with AC installation and other AC-related services. We’ve got you covered, whether you need an emergency repair or a same-day appointment that leads to a replacement unit. Call us today to learn more!

Upgrade to a new AC system to improve energy efficiency!

Most of us in the Tampa region have begun to use our AC systems more regularly as spring transitions to summer. Some units are used more often than others, and this could cause malfunctions. If your AC system is too old or breaks down more often than it used to, it might be the best time to upgrade your AC. Upgrading to a new air conditioning unit also offers the following advantages:

1. Provides Better Air Quality

Debris and dirt particles usually develop within the HVAC unit. These particles may build up in the duct system and spread throughout the property, but you don’t have to worry about this if you have a new AC system.

2. Offers Greater Energy Efficiency

Cleaner coils from newer AC systems can produce lower temperatures while conserving more energy than coils that aren’t maintained at least once a year. As the temperature rises, lower your bills and keep cooler.

3. Ensures Greater Comfort

You will have continuous comfort in your home with an upgraded AC system because there are fewer issues to worry about.

We at Air Conditioning Repair Today have been serving Tampa, FL, for years. If you need reliable and top-notch AC installation, we’re the right guys for you. Our impressive track record and happy customers speak volumes about the quality of service we provide. Call us today at Air Conditioning Repair Today, and let us show you why we are Tampa’s favorite AC experts.

Cost of an Air Conditioner Replacement

Upgrading or replacing your old air conditioning system could be a huge investment for your home. The cost of installing an air conditioner is a crucial aspect to consider. It’s a good idea to replace an outdated air conditioner because older models are more likely to need regular repairs, putting a strain on your yearly remodeling budget as well as your monthly power costs.

However, the potential of a failure isn’t the only reason to think about when replacing your air conditioner. The elements that contribute to AC installation prices, on the other hand, are the most significant consideration.

Factors that affect the cost of installing an air conditioner

Many elements such as kind of upgrade, system type, quality of installation, and time spent for the installation process all contribute to the ultimate cost in the following ways:

Air Conditioner Installation Cost Calculations

Correct Sizing

Many people are unaware of the size and capacity of their AC and make the error of replacing them with one with comparable features. If you want to upgrade your air conditioner, you need to undertake a cooling load calculation that considers the overall space of your home, its layout, window location, heat-generating equipment, and so on. Installation of a central air conditioner might cost anywhere from $4,500 to $12,000.

Energy Efficiency

Consider the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, often known as SEER, when replacing your air conditioner. When calculating cooling efficiency throughout a season, the SEER number is used, with a higher rating denoting more efficiency. The average minimum SEER level recognized today is 14. You can, however, choose air conditioners with a SEER rating of 16 or higher. The upfront cost of purchasing, on the other hand, is a trade-off for increased energy efficiency. A skilled AC contractor like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today can assist you in determining the best SEER rating for your property.

Installation costs for air conditioners vary based on the filter’s effectiveness used in the system.

Air quality upgrades

Components designed to improve air quality would cost you more to install, but they are well worth it. Basic HEPA or high-efficiency particle air filters can cost anywhere from $200 to $500, depending on the size. Cleaning services such as central or whole-house cleaning might cost anything from $1000-$5000. These components trap pollen, smoke, dust, and other hazardous pollutants.

Apart from the elements listed above, the overall AC installation cost will also be determined by the level of alteration of your home’s current layout to suit the new and updated air conditioner.

Are you interested to know more about the cost of an AC installation? We at Air Conditioning Repair Today would be happy to meet with you for a consultation. Do not hesitate to call us, and we’ll be pleased to share our knowledge and assist you in selecting the ideal system for you; after all, your comfort is our priority!


How much does it cost to replace an AC unit?

In a residential house, the cost of replacing an AC can range from $4,350 to $12,095. This includes expenses for labor and permits.

Can you just replace the AC unit?

You must never attempt to replace your HVAC unit on your own unless you are a skilled HVAC expert with the necessary tools. It’s simply too risky and difficult. Instead, entrust the project to us at Air Conditioning Repair Today. We have been servicing homeowners in Tampa for years, so you can rest assured that your AC system is in good hands with us!

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