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Air Conditioning Installation

A new AC can be a great investment. Homeowners would pay for anything before deciding it is time to get a new air conditioning unit. We get it, money does not grow on trees, and it is becoming more vital to save money as much as possible! With that, sometimes getting a new air conditioner could be a means to conserve money if you are seeing it from a long-term view.

Let us accept it; if your home is within Tampa, FL, it requires AC. It isn’t as much of a luxury as it’s a necessity. The issue is due to having a broken or inefficient AC. Investing in air conditioning installation in the Tampa, FL area could truly save you money if it replaces a broken, inefficient, or old unit. Below are a few reasons why it is best to have a new air conditioning installation:

Your AC Is Old

We all want to believe that our appliances would last for eternity as long as we maintain them. Nevertheless, that isn’t necessarily true for ACs. An air conditioner unit is built to last between 10 to 15 years, but beyond that, you are gambling with your budget and comfort.

If you have an old AC, it is both a smart choice and cost-effective to have it replaced by a new unit that’ll last long into the coming years!

You’re Not Happy with Your AC Performance

Are you exhausted from handling the heat in your un-air-conditioned house? We believe it is time to invest in an AC that’ll satisfy you. There are powerful, high-efficiency air conditioning units from central ACs to heat pumps that could truly keep the comfort in your home. The crucial part is to contact a crew of experts, like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today, who are willing to partner with you to set up your unit in no time.

Your AC Was Improperly Installed

Is your AC too big? Or maybe it is too small? Or perhaps the refrigerant lines are always leaking because they are uncovered to weathering elements? Either way that could indicate your AC was poorly installed.

It could be a difficult choice to make, but sometimes the ideal option is to simply get the entire unit replaced with a system that is set up properly. When you partner with our experts at Air Conditioning Repair Today, we will conduct a precise load calculation and ensure that the unit lasts for a long time. Reach out to us today to know more about our services and solutions!

Air Conditioning Installation

How much does it cost to install AC in my house?

If you require new air conditioners, the first thing you think of is probably the cost. Here in the Tampa area, ac installation costs range from $4,026-$17,081.

We get it—it is a huge investment. And you may be thinking about why the costs differ greatly.

The reason the air conditioning installation prices differ is that the price relies on the following factors:

  • Your chosen air conditioner type
  • Your chosen warranty
  • The installation difficulty
  • Your chosen contractor

When thinking of the total cost of air conditioning installations, it is also advisable for you to do your best to guarantee peak performance for the coming years. Here is what you have to understand.

Ensure your new air conditioning system has the right size that fits your home.

HVAC experts like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today could assist you in doing this by taking the space’s measurements and conducting load calculations to ensure your new air conditioning system is not too small or big for your house.

Have the proper airflow

Excessive or weak airflow impacts the system’s performance and results in hot spots and increased energy bills within your house. For optimal airflow, get an expert to inspect the volume and make the necessary adjustments on your vents or ducts.

Check your duct system

It should be clean, in proper order, and have no leaks to assist your air conditioning system run at optimum performance. Anything less than that would influence your unit’s performance.

Inspect the refrigerant levels

Not getting enough refrigerant suggests higher moisture levels and energy consumption in your home’s air. When you work with us to install your AC, we will also inspect the refrigerant to ensure it has enough.

With all of the factors you need to consider, purchasing a new air conditioning system could be a lot to take into account. Nevertheless, if you choose us, you’ll see how easy we’ve made it for you to determine and evaluate your best options. These options not only fit you and your family’s lifestyle and home but your budget as well. Call us today at Air Conditioning Repair Today to know more or to schedule an appointment! Learn more about Air Conditioning Service Repair.

Air Conditioning System Installation Process From Start to Finish

Getting central AC units installed isn’t a DIY project! It needs an expert with years of experience and training to get the job done properly and timely. Do not ever rely on the job of amateurs. Contact Air Conditioning Repair Today now, and we will explain the following stages of air conditioning installation:

Choosing and sizing your system: Before using any tools, we would assist you in picking the right AC size and model it, so it has the right cooling load and power to suit your home and the energy it needs. Improper sizing could become disastrous, so you have to get the experts on the work from the start.

Ductwork resizing: When the actual installation begins, we would first cut your current ductwork to suit the new unit. That often only involves a few subtle changes.

Placing the indoor unit: After that, the indoor evaporator system will be placed. It’s latched to your ducts, connects to a drain line for condensate drainage, and connects to the coolant line that’ll go outside to your condenser unit.

Placing the condenser unit: Your outdoor cabinet that includes the compressor and the condenser coil is secured and placed on a solid foundation. The power lines and coolant connect to it.

Electrical systems check: We check all the electrical connections. Because ACs utilize a large deal of power to operate the compressor, they have to be inspected so they won’t cause tripped circuit breakers.

Full system check: Now that the entire AC is hooked up and charged with refrigerant, we will turn on your AC and inspect cooling power, thermostat control, and airflow.

We at Air Conditioning Repair Today wouldn’t leave your house until they’re 100% sure that your AC is running as it is supposed to, with no unnecessary stress and malfunctions that could result in repairs in the near future. You now have your powerful and sturdy new AC ready to run, keeping your house cool for several summers to come.

Contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to schedule an appointment when you’re ready for new AC unit installation in Tampa, FL.

Installation of air conditioners

The New Year is all about new starts. That includes the comfort of your family! Have you been thinking, “Do I have to get my AC system replaced?”. There are a few telltale signs that the AC system is not working as it is supposed to and could very well be about to malfunction.

Knowing these warning indications could assist you in stopping those emergency late night or weekend calls when your HVAC unit malfunctions altogether.

1. You’re hearing weird sounds.

Do you hear sounds squeaking from your air conditioning system? How about grinding and chattering noises? These sounds aren’t normal and should not be ignored in an old unit. If you have noticed changes in how your unit sounds, it isn’t working well.

2. Your energy bill is skyrocketing

That’s a very normal happening when it’s time to get an AC replacement. Air conditioning systems would utilize a lot more energy when they’re breaking down. They’re putting very much hard work with, generally, way little output. When you get your air conditioner replaced with an effective, efficient system, you’ll notice savings each month for the coming years. (And have much more comfort!)

3. You’ve noticed weaker, limited airflow.

If an air conditioning system is operating as it should, the airflow is strong and consistent. Compromised units could have trouble pushing the air through your vents and into your home. Closing doors does not help with this issue — it only blocks airflow and makes your unit work even harder. When you observe limited, weak airflow, it’s perhaps time for an AC replacement.

4. Your air conditioning unit isn’t keeping your home cool anymore.

Aside from limited airflow, AC systems that are about to fall apart just couldn’t keep rooms cool any longer. The unit couldn’t maintain your needed temperature. Have you observed you have been more uncomfortable indoors? Have you received complaints from your children that it is extremely hot and “turn it down, please!”? It is perhaps time for a new one.

5. You’ve noticed stinky smells.

Sometimes, an AC system could create some pretty terrible odors if there’s something wrong. Have you observed any smoky or burning odors? That could be dangerous and must be checked ASAP. You should arrange an air conditioning repair appointment with a seasoned technician immediately.

If you’ve encountered any of these warning signs, you may require a new AC. The first step is to have your unit looked at by a respected AC company.

At Air Conditioning Repair Today, we are the highest-rated AC company in the Tampa area and provide guaranteed customer satisfaction at reasonable rates.

If your air conditioning unit is experiencing any of these issues, call our seasoned technicians to get it checked out. We provide the best solutions in all possible situations.

Planning the Replacement or New Installation of Your Central Air Conditioner

As Florida’s reliable air conditioning installation company, we at Air Conditioning Repair Today focus on making your home comfortable with professional central AC installations. Whether you have to get your old central AC unit or want to upgrade your home with a new HVAC unit, our professional air conditioning techs will help you get the right unit for your home. We’ve been serving the Tampa Bay area for years, and we take pride in bringing that experience and dedication of service into your home.

How To Find The Right AC Unit To Install In Your Home?

Many do not have any idea what’s the best central air conditioning system for their home. Getting a certified HVAC technician could assist you in selecting the system that’ll keep your home cool all throughout summer. When you have a central air conditioner installed for your home, the first step is to choose a licensed HVAC installer like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to perform the installation. Air Conditioning Repair Today’s AC experts possess the expertise needed to assist you in choosing the right central AC unit for your needs and home.

How To Measure Your Home Size for Most Efficient Cooling Power

Locating the right air conditioning system for your home’s size is a vital first step when you get a central air conditioner system installed. Choosing a system that’s either undersized or oversized for your home could reduce its effectiveness and efficiency. Air Conditioning Repair Today’s HVAC experts carefully measure the size of your home to determine the cooling power required in your air conditioning system. If your unit is extremely small, it would not efficiently cool your home. If your system is too big, it’ll waste energy. Getting a professional that could provide you with an efficient, correctly-sized central air conditioning system is vital.

Finding the Right Size Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning Repair Today experts calculate AC aspects for your home. We check your home climate, shape, and size while also assessing your windows, insulation, materials, floors, and other aspects of your home that are included in our calculations. We then inspect existing ductwork and look for seals or leaks. Using this information, we could properly have a central air conditioning unit installed that’ll fit your house perfectly.

Your Central Air Conditioning Installation

After we assist you in finding the right AC system for your house, we will expertly have it installed. Getting an expert like us to have your unit installed helps guarantee your unit runs at the most efficient and comfortable level for you and your home. You could rest assured realizing your system is working efficiently and that you have Air Conditioning Repair Today dedicated to serving you long after the sale. Call us today!

Installation of the New Indoor Evaporator Coil

The evaporator or AC coil in your air conditioning unit is among its most vital parts. A broken evaporator coil is among those complicated situations where you really have to consider whether the repair is worth the cost involved in getting the component. Keep reading to learn more if a new evaporator coil is truly a great investment for your Tampa, Florida, home.

Understanding the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is an essential part of the condenser in your air conditioning unit. This coil is loaded with cold refrigerant, which absorbs moisture and heat from the air. The ACs put out warm air over the coil and provide fresh cool air on the other side. A working evaporator coil both dehumidifies and chills the air, offering you your expected level of comfort from any effective AC.

If your evaporator coil is not functioning, your home isn’t getting cool. You couldn’t go by without this vital component, so you will have to create a plan to either replace or repair your system immediately when you are having difficulty with this part.

Why the Evaporator Coil Fails

Like any part of your cooling unit, the evaporator coil would suffer from wear and tear eventually. Efficiency slowly reduces throughout the lifespan of the coil, but proper maintenance could keep the evaporator coil lasting for up to 20 years.

Erosion is the main reason for most malfunctioning evaporator coils. The refrigerant passing through the coil contracts and expands as it changes temperature. Even though the coil is built to endure this, the inner lining weakens slowly. If the coil’s exterior is also weakened because of erosion from outside elements, the whole construction is more prone to leaks and damage. The evaporator coil might also receive damage from debris or impact. No matter how it happened, a broken evaporator coil is a huge issue.

Replacing the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is among the priciest parts of the whole AC. If your coil has to be replaced, this job would often require a unit replacement in price. Comparing the repair cost with the new air conditioning installation cost, you should also take into account some of the new system benefits, which might include:

Improved energy efficiency from a system with a higher SEER rating

Improved comfort from a more properly sized unit

Better features, like a variable-speed blower

If your AC is older, even a mid-range replacement would probably provide a few or all these improvements over the previous installation. If you own a newer unit, your evaporator coil might be under warranty, which would justify your decision to get it replaced.

Among the greatest ways to prolong your AC coil’s life is with routine maintenance. Book an air conditioning tune-up yearly with us at Air Conditioning Repair Today. Contact us now.

Preparing the Area for the New Central Air Conditioner

So, it’s time to have your old AC system replaced with a new, energy-efficient one. That means asking around for quotes and talking with HVAC technicians about the best air conditioning system model and size for your needs. Once you choose your new AC, you will have to schedule a day to get it installed. It would not take long to place the AC system, but the total duration of the installation process would rely on factors such as your home’s capacity and electrical system and whether you have chosen to update the ductwork.

It is vital to get ready for installation day before the AC installation team comes to your home. Below are tips to assist you in preparing your home for air conditioning system installation in the Tampa area, FL:

Be reachable by phone or in-person.

The new system would have to be hooked into your home’s main power. When your system needs more power than what your home currently has, you will have to upgrade your electrical unit to fit the air conditioner’s energy needs. So, though the system is outside your home, the air conditioning installer would require access to your indoors to deal with electrical connections. That day, you should be home or give them access to your home if you’re out and be reachable by phone.

Clear a path

Ensure to clear all possible paths to the air conditioning system installation site within your home, including the walkways, side yards, and driveway. Move everything (potted plants, patio furniture, and toys), so the team could easily bring in the system. Pick up inside, as well—they’ll probably require access to your basement or attic and nearby walls to connect the power.

Cover belongings and other furniture

If you’re replacing old ductwork simultaneously, cover everything—countertops, furniture, belongings, bathroom fixtures, even closet stuff. This step is very crucial because there’ll be lots of banging to take off the old ducts and have new ones installed, and things would get messy. Wrapping your belongings with blankets, plastic, or bed sheets would protect them from falling debris and dust.

Ask questions

Do not think twice to ask the air conditioning installation company questions regarding the installation process. For instance, know if there is anything in particular that you have to do to prepare and verify the work order details.

To learn more about the ins and outs of air conditioning system installation in Tampa, FL, call Air Conditioning Repair Today. Contact us now if you have any questions or to arrange an appointment!

How much does it cost to replace AC capacitors?

An air conditioning capacitor ranges somewhere between $12 to $55 only for the part. The price you pay would be based on the voltage, brand, and model, as branded units are more expensive. The reasonable cost of getting an air conditioning capacitor replaced is $100 to $225.

What Is an AC Capacitor?

Among the crucial part of the air conditioning unit is a capacitor, and capacitor replacement is the most often done task by HVAC technicians like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today. Capacitor offers your air conditioning unit the early charge to run; it compiles and stockpiles energy that kickstarts when it begins a new cycle and offers steady power to keep an AC working.

A poor capacitor could make your HVAC unit consume a huge amount of electricity, and you wind up with increased energy bills.

What will a bad capacitor do?

A poor capacitor could affect your AC unit’s whole performance. It stops the condenser system from running, which suggests the cooling process couldn’t be done. You should inspect the capacitor routine and have it replaced when it goes bad. You could conserve money on your energy bills and extend your AC unit’s life by performing this.

Do you need to replace your AC capacitor? Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today!

Removing the existing indoor evaporator coil

Your AC unit’s evaporator coil is one of the most crucial components of your AC system, despite its appearance. The heat exchange mechanism that cools your property in the summer and spring is handled by the evaporator coil, also known as an indoor coil.

The evaporator coil is effective, but it might break down over time if it isn’t properly maintained and cleaned. When it comes to cleaning, replacing, or repairing your evaporator, you can rely on Air Conditioning Repair Today, Tampa’s recognized HVAC service company, to get the job done the first time correctly.

If you’re replacing the AC or heat pump, it’s usually a good idea to replace the interior coil as well. The performance of the evaporator coil is linked to the efficiency of your heating or cooling system. Replacing your present indoor coil with a new one might be crucial to your new system’s performance, efficiency, and savings potential.

Evaporator coils start to degrade over time. A refrigerant leak might develop when this happens, which should be investigated right away. If this is the case, the coils or the whole unit will most certainly need to be replaced since evaporator coils may cost hundreds of bucks.

With a yearly tune-up from us at Air Conditioning Repair Today, you can keep your AC’s evaporator coil running effectively. Every part of your AC system involving the evaporator coil will be addressed during the tune-up. Any dust, debris, grime, or hair will be removed from the coil. Maintaining a clean interior evaporator coil helps maintain effective system cooling throughout your home.

You can count on us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to provide great service whether you need air conditioning maintenance, repair, or replacement. Call us today!

Installation of the Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line collects water from the AC system and dumps it into the environment. Water normally gathers on the internal evaporator coil while vapor from the air condenses as the indoor coil cools. While condensate systems must handle the flow, high humidity levels allow for a higher moisture accumulation, which becomes a serious issue.

In the humidity and heat of summer, many systems in Florida may produce 25–30 gallons of water each day. Because those drains handle a lot of water, drain line difficulties are one of our most typical service calls.

The drain line is frequently blocked with dirt and sludge, causing water to flow back into the residence. Your home’s structure may be damaged as a result of the overflow. If you notice this problem with your AC system, call us for help! We at Air Conditioning Repair Today have been providing high-quality AC services to homeowners in Tampa for years, so you can rest assured that your AC system is in good hands.

Filter Dryer Installation

The refrigerants systems rely heavily on filter driers. Following are its key purposes: Filter driers’ primary functions include moisture absorption. The physical filtration procedure is also a part of it. In the fridge, install an ac unit that has a fluid filter. Filter filtering devices will be used in the majority of new condensers. The filters dryers should be situated as close to the inner coil expansion valve as possible, according to the manufacturers. The filters will stay cooler if they are kept protected from corrosion in the rain.

Find the Best HVAC Company For You

Can you picture attempting to survive a hot and humid Florida summer without a working ac system in your residence? You don’t need to go through this type of horror since we are merely a phone call away at Air Conditioning Repair Today.

We’re a reputable local business in Tampa, FL, that is family-owned and run. Having NATE accreditation means you can trust our specialists to address any air conditioning issue.

We offer the following services:

Air Conditioning Installation

The new air conditioning system should last you for several years with minimal difficulties if we do a thorough job in ac installation. Our technicians’ detailed installation results in an air conditioner that runs efficiently and provides the ideal cooling you want.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Leave the job of installing a new ventilation system to us when you need one. We can assist you in determining if a replacement is required or whether repairs would suffice. If you require a replacement, we will install a new air conditioner quickly so you can return to a peaceful home atmosphere. Alternatives to typical central AC systems, like a heat pump (similar to an AC but can also be used as a heater), or a ductless mini-split, are also available (ideal for saving space and energy efficiency).

Air Conditioning Repair

When the heat is unbearable, and your air conditioner isn’t providing you with enough cool air—or is not working at all—you’ll need the best service available to fix it. Our professionals are adept at resolving various AC issues. They will not only patch up the air conditioner; they will go to the root of the problem, so you can be assured that your AC will continue to function as it should.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Do you want to cut down on the number of repair calls you get? You do, of course! All you have to do is contact our staff to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance. A yearly tune-up and inspection by our professionals won’t only reduce the likelihood of future problems; they will also lengthen the equipment’s lifespan, minimize energy efficiency loss, and enhance cooling capacity. Call us today to know more!

How much does it cost to replace a compressor in an air conditioner?

If you have been advised by a professional that your compressor has to be replaced, you probably didn’t realize how pricey one component might be.

Unfortunately, the unpleasant fact is that replacing a compressor is costly. The cost of replacing an AC compressor in Portland ranges from $1,000-$3,000. The cost of replacing your compressor, however, is determined by the following factors:

The size of your compressor: The stronger the compressor, the larger the AC system. Compressors with higher power are likewise more costly.

The type of compressor you have: Two-stage, single-stage, or variable-speed compressors are all options. Compressors with single stages are the cheapest to replace, while variable-speed compressors are the most expensive, and two-stage ones are the middle ground.

Your AC parts warranty: All new systems from most AC manufacturers come with a limited components warranty. This warranty normally covers its replacement because the compressor is such an important element of the air conditioning system.

How do I know if my AC compressor needs to be replaced?

The following symptoms suggest that a new compressor is required:

  • From the outside unit, you notice loud or odd noises
  • When the outside unit is turned on, it rattles
  • The circuit breaker on the air conditioner is frequently tripping (turning off)
  • The exterior unit is leaking refrigerant, as can be seen

To avoid spending a huge sum, we recommend calling a reputable technician like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today who can properly explain why the compressor must be changed and provide upfront, reasonable pricing. Call us today!

Residential Air Conditioner Company

How can you determine whether your outdated air conditioning system must be replaced? We recommend considering the system’s age and condition while selecting if an air conditioner replacement is the best solution for you.

An AC has a 15-year life expectancy, but it might be shorter or longer based on how well the maintenance is over time. If your system is 15 years old or older and you detect any of the following indication indications, a replacement may be required:

A decrease in energy-efficiency

AC repair services are frequently required

Warm areas may be found throughout your home

Your building has a high amount of humidity

Costs of cooling and heating are rising

Indoor air quality is poor

Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today for an AC assessment service in Tampa, Florida, to see if an air conditioner replacement is a cost-effective choice. We’ll offer the best solutions for your requirements after examining the condition of the air conditioning.

Customized Tampa HVAC Services

When it comes to air conditioning units in Tampa Bay, we strive to give every customer a customized solution that meets their needs and budget. We at Air Conditioning Repair Today can assist you in having a cooling solution for your home in Tampa.

Air Conditioning Repair Today is a family-owned and run business assisting Tampa Bay, Florida, for years. We’re proud of our reputation for providing dependable and competent HVAC service to residential customers in our community. Call us today to know more!

How much does it cost for an A/C unit for a 2,000 sq. ft. Home?

An air-conditioned home can cool an area of 400 x400 feet for every pound of air-conditioning capacity. For each 400 square foot, this will produce 125,000 BTUs. For 2000 square feet, this is achievable. The 240 sq m are used to calculate the feet measurement. One-ton AC unit cooling expanse of 3,000 square feet. 60,000 BTUs per day should be reduced by the A/C systems (5.9 tons x 12,500 BTU). The AC unit alone costs roughly $1,980 for 5.0-tonne cooling equipment, or $3,000.

Installation of the New High- and Low-Voltage Wiring

When your cooling unit is turned on, the high-voltage and low-voltage cables must be separated. The installer will install the electrical panel to utilize the present electricity supply within the house. Relying on the surface where the disconnects were put, they could be fastened to the outer wall with specific bolts. There are two types of box disconnects available. Many of them have been fused, while others have not. Both may be utilized in the open air. The company’s overcurrent protection is provided via a fused disconnect.

Removing Your Existing Central Air Conditioner

Before installing an HVAC unit, you must first remove the old refrigerant. According to EPA regulations, opening up the refrigerating air is unlawful. The tank must also be contained in the recovery machine to be safely removed from the current central heating unit. Only this procedure allows the refrigerating fluid to be safely removed. Individual EPA certificates are required for those who operate on refrigeration tools. Only the name stated in the certification is certified by EPA certifications.

Benefits of Air Conditioning

More advantages than ever before are available to the air conditioner. To increase the comfort of our houses, air conditioning has enhanced efficiency. Furthermore, by using zoning systems that enable you to chill particular portions of a room just once per day, you may limit your environmental effect by only heating the areas of the house that are most in need. AC systems give both comfort and the finest overall protection against pollutants. Summer wildfires impact the quality of indoor air.

Investing in a New AC

We should only work with a skilled, experienced provider to install a new ac unit. We at Air Conditioning Repair Today have been servicing the Tampa Bay region for years. We offer comprehensive sales and installation assistance to home and commercial customers, assuring long-term value.

All of your cooling systems, including ducting, may be installed by us throughout your house. Other options include the latest ductless mini-split units, ideal for residences with no cellars or if you prioritize energy economy and want to cool particular rooms at a time.

You’ll get our Air conditioning unit installation assistance in Tampa, FL:

  • Top-brand, high-quality systems
  • Pricing upfront
  • Arrival on time
  • A promise of 100 percent satisfaction

We’ve made a ton of clients happy by keeping them cool and cool through years of delivering skilled service to Tampa homeowners. See what we can offer you, including installs and emergency ac repair and our well-known regular maintenance programs.

What’s Involved in Air Conditioning Installation?

An air conditioning system is a multi-step procedure that needs meticulous planning. Our technical staff goes through numerous processes before installing an air conditioner in the Tampa area:

  • Collecting the AC measurements and other information for your house or business to guarantee maximum cooling and inside air quality
  • Consultation with you to establish your cooling and heating needs, along with your financial constraints
  • Recommending the finest brand to fulfill your requirements and then obtaining your permission
  • Choosing an installation period that is convenient for you
  • Coming to the installation site and taking all essential procedures to ensure safety
  • EPA recommendations for removing the current air conditioner
  • Getting your building ready for the new air conditioner
  • Getting your new, energy-efficient unit up and running

Our crew will install the replacement refrigerant lines, evaporator coil, filter drier, condensate drain line, and wiring after complete preparation. Our duct installation service is used when there is no ductwork, a central air system.

The testing and start-up processes begin when the air conditioning system is installed. All activities, including the system’s sequencing and thermostat activities, are checked at this point. Call us today to know more or to set an appointment!

AC Costs by Ton, SEER Rating, & Brand

Did you know that air conditioning is installed in roughly 100 million households in the United States? This is because the heat in the summer season may be unpleasant. In Florida, having an air conditioner has various advantages. You don’t have to open your windows or doors anymore. Furthermore, an air conditioner will benefit your and your family’s general health. But how much does it cost to install an air conditioner?

When it comes to putting a unit in their house, this is a topic that many people ask.

Factor One: Size of Your Home

The size of your home is the first aspect that will influence the cost of your cooling systems. Because the air conditioner must have adequate power to circulate cool air throughout the house, the floor area is important.

Factor Two: SEER Rating

The SEER rating is the next element to consider. SEER is an acronym that means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) or Seasonal. In that instance, the rating defines the energy output ratio for a certain season, such as summer.

The ratio is then divided by the AC’s energy level in watts. This grading method may be compared to filling up your automobile with gas.

Depending on how much petrol your automobile has, it can drive further away. As a result, the greater your air conditioner’s SEER rating, the better it’ll chill your home. The SEER rating is calculated by comparing your interior temperatures throughout a season.

They can compute the rating you require to make your house pleasant once they know its temperature. 13 is the lowest SEER rating, while 21-24 is the highest.

Factor Three: Installation Costs

The prices above are only for the air conditioner. In addition, you must evaluate installation costs, which vary depending on the AC repair business. However, the typical cost of installing an air conditioner is between $4200 and $5900.

Factor Four: Long-Term Repair Costs

You’ll be OK once you’ve arranged for a reliable AC company like us to install the system for you. After that, your air conditioner should last for a couple of years.

They will, however, need to be repaired, much like other appliances. For various reasons, cooling systems tend to freeze or not deliver cold air.

Rusted coils to low refrigerants are among the issues. The good news is that the repair charges will almost certainly be less than the initial installation cost. Relying on what occurs to your device, you’ll see amounts ranging from $180 to $500.

Call us today to know more!

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