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Air Conditioning Tune-Up​

Over a hot, long summer, debris build-up, heat, and wear and tear would gradually decrease your AC efficiency. Air conditioner tune-ups help in restoring your AC unit to top working condition.

By getting an AC tune-up performed at least once every year, you could guarantee your unit is clean and ready for the humid and hot summers of Tampa. Regular maintenance of your AC unit has numerous benefits, such as:

Increased efficiency – When you clean and maintain your AC, it’ll consume less energy to keep the cold in your house.

Reduced utility bills – With less energy usage, you could expect to spend less on your bills.

Better reliability – When your AC is checked regularly, you can find problems early, decreasing the probabilities of a malfunction.

Lower repair costs – By reducing wear via routine maintenance, you’ll have reduced repair costs and fewer component failures.

Longer unit lifespan – When your AC is handled properly, it’ll generally last longer and have fewer issues over its lifespan.

Increased comfort – With a proper-maintained AC unit, you could expect lessened humidity, increased air quality, and greater cooling performance.

At Air Conditioning Repair Today, we provide complete AC tune-ups and maintenance services in Tampa, FL. Our certified and friendly technicians service all models and brands of AC equipment, and we offer quality maintenance services that satisfy all manufacturer specifications. For years, we’ve been providing heating, cooling, and plumbing services to our Tampa neighbors, and as a locally-owned business, you could expect outstanding service with all our visits. Call us today!

Air Conditioning Tune-Up​

Signs Your AC Tuning is Due: Keep your AC in Top-Notch Condition

When your AC unit malfunctions, you will recognize it. You’ll usually save huge amounts of money and numerous costly repairs later by getting your air conditioning unit tuned up now.

The most common signs of impending air conditioning issues include (but are not limited to) the following problems.

The unit seems to blow warm air rather than cool air

When the cooling unit works for a long time, your bills would significantly rise without cooling your house to your preferred temperature. You could easily know if your unit will have an issue when you put your hand above the cooling register. If you feel warmer air, your unit is using electricity by attempting to cool your house to your preferred temperature without results. There can be numerous reasons for this, but a tune-up that is effective should fix the issue cheaply.

Your AC vents put out weak airflow

If the air blowing from your air conditioning vents is cool, but it isn’t blowing freely from the air registers, there might be one or more leaky air ducts, or there might be a clogged filter. The solution to this issue is cost-effective, which a huge repair isn’t.

You catch “odd” noises coming from the air conditioning unit

If you have had your AC unit for ages, you must be familiar with its normal noises when working. If you catch unusual noises, you might require a tune-up ASAP to locate and solve the source of these new noises.

Mold-inducing odors or moisture appear when and where they shouldn’t

When this occurs, it typically means you might have a leaking outdoor compressor or a broken or blocked drain tube. A proper tune-up would solve this problem before requiring costly unit repairs or producing harmful mold spores. You should see a rise in humidity in a few rooms when your unit can’t dehumidify some rooms in your house.

The signs and symptoms stated above suggest an issue with your home cooling unit. If you arrange a tune-up as soon as you detect one of these efficiency problems, your AC experts, like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today, would discover the reason and solve the problem(s) before it (they) turns into a costly repair issue. Call us today to know more! Learn more about Emergency AC Repair.

Tell me the cost of an air conditioner tune-up?

Keeping your home functional and comfortable is a costly investment. All of these minor issues add up, so you probably wish to ensure you’re not spending more than you’re supposed to for your air conditioning tune-up. After all, nobody wishes to overpay to get services. Though, note that the lowest estimate doesn’t have to be the best. In fact, it may cost you in the long run if you choose a business that does not take pride in its service.

Think of these factors that impact air conditioning tune-up costs:

Scope of Maintenance

It is crucial to review air conditioning maintenance contracts meticulously before you sign up for anything. If an estimate seems too good to be true, the company may not be conducting an extensive air conditioning checkup. They might just be out to get your filter replaced and your belts inspected. So, ensure you spend on an extensive preventative program that includes valves, cover coils, the pilot motor and light, pipes or ducts, and the electrical unit.

Complexity and Size of the Unit

A technician has to check a unit before telling the air conditioning maintenance cost. Homes vary in installation and size. Complex and larger units need more labor and higher costs for materials.

Age and Condition of the Equipment

It is generally more costly to get your older systems maintained and to fix them. That’s because they need lots of attention and more replacement parts. So, if your system is getting on in ages, think of the costs included in extra services, as well as the higher energy demands. Generally, new units are often more effective.

When you require an HVAC service, look for a great deal, resist the temptation of compromising quality for cheaper services, and ensure you learn the contract before signing anything.

Regarding quality service, count on the right experts only. At Air Conditioning Repair Today, we provide quality service, whether it is air conditioning maintenance or installation. Call us today!

Your Home HVAC Tune-Up Should Have These Steps

There are numerous steps to an extensive tune-up. Nevertheless, our experts here at Air Conditioning Repair Today would offer an efficient tune-up to have your unit working at its peak performance. Our Tampa AC maintenance technicians would inspect and clean crucial parts of your AC. That may help our experts recognize little problems before they become bigger problems creating a breakdown.

Here are some of the steps we will take during the maintenance appointment:

  • Check your thermostat and other system controls for the exact start-up, running, and shut-down process. That assists your unit is running at optimum performance.
  • Lubricate moving components to keep them operating well. Parts not lubricated could scrape, making them stop running.
  • Empty your condensate drain line to assist in removing leak-causing impediments.
  • Fasten electrical connections to ensure your AC is cooling safely.
  • Straighten bent condenser coil fins, which could impact cooling performance when they are deformed.

As our expert performs the tune-up, any problems seen would be run past you and repaired to keep your unit in its peak condition. If you are ready for a tune-up, reach out to us at Air Conditioning Repair Today now to maintain your home’s comfortability! We are the air conditioning tune-up company Tampa property owners could rely on. We do everything we can to ensure that our visit is a hassle-free experience, with an experienced, respectful crew ready to respond to your questions and fulfill all your needs. We look forward to working with you!

The Air Conditioner Has a Weak Air Flow

Do you notice that some rooms in your home are colder or warmer than others? Do you modify your air conditioning settings but still don’t feel any different? You place your hands in front of the vents and feel that the airflow of AC is weak and roughly non-existent. Maybe the air is warm when it is supposed to be cool, and you see air drafts in your house.

Well, your unit might have airflow problems. Insufficient AC airflow is among the most annoying issues, aside from being uncomfortable but also because you cannot locate the actual cause.

From leaking ducts to dirty air filters, there are numerous reasons for the AC airflow to be weak. Some could be fixed easily, while others need expert help.

Nevertheless, you know how stressful it could be when the HVAC airflow isn’t enough on a hot summer day. Aside from impacting your comfort level, it could also cost you increased bills as your unit is working harder to reach your desired temperature.

Below are a few simple ways to boost poor AC airflow:

Regularly clean the air filters. You could include it in your cleaning home appliances process to lessen the chances of dust build-up and guarantee adequate airflow.

Inspect your air conditioner vents to know if they’re not blocked in any way. Remove any drapes or furniture obstructing the airflow.

Regularly clean your fan blades using a soft cloth.

Arrange routine air conditioning tune-ups to assist your system is running smoothly. Poor airflow could indicate that your air conditioning unit is creating problems, so with routine tune-ups, a professional could discover the problem before it becomes worse.

Using their expertise, our AC contractors at Air Conditioning Repair Today could assist you in determining the real cause of the issue and examine further to know other issues in your HVAC unit that might have also contributed to the poor airflow issue.

We at Air Conditioning Repair Today have been providing service to local clients for years. We always guarantee quality service at reasonable rates, so you can rely on us to offer value for your money. Call us today to know more.

Strange Sounds Coming From the AC

If you catch loud buzzing sounds emanating from your AC, it is very possible that it’s malfunctioning. Usually, the problem is either loose components, a malfunctioning compressor, or refrigerant leaks.

All of your AC components go hand in hand to keep your house cool in warm climates. So, if any part gets loose, it puts more wear and tear on the other components. After more wear puts enough pressure on those components, your system could begin creating a buzzing noise indicating your need a repair.

Your system’s compressor is placed on small rubber feet known as “isolation feet” at the base of your AC. After you have been utilizing your AC for some time, those feet could crack, which makes your compressor lose balance and begin producing a buzzing sound when you’re using it.

As they are being used to cool your house, AC systems could certainly freeze up—that might seem ironic, but it is true! Your air conditioner could get frozen if refrigerant starts to leak from your system, which usually starts creating a buzzing noise as a result.

Finally, the problem could be a malfunctioning compressor, which is the part that cools down and pressurizes the refrigerant that then cools the house. A buzzing sound might suggest that the compressor is not running properly or that your unit’s electrical voltage isn’t right.

For any of the problems stated above or others, such as the AC producing a pulsating sound, it is best to contact an expert to fix the issue instead of putting yourself at risk. Our crew of cooling experts at Air Conditioning Repair Today can repair your air conditioner in no time—just call us or reach us online now!

How much does an AC tune-up cost?

The same with your car, your HVAC unit is a sophisticated piece of machinery that gets lots of “mileage.” It is full of moving and critical parts that undergo wear and tear through time. Moreover, the AC unit does not work at its peak condition when it is worn down and neglected.

HVAC tune-up cost differs for every contractor. On average, this twice-per-year job costs between $100 and $200. Fortunately, most contractors like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today provide options for savings.

What Are the Benefits of Air Conditioner Tune Ups?

In simple terms, an air conditioning tune-up must entail cleaning, basic maintenance, and an inspection for your overall AC unit. The benefits of AC maintenance are being able to catch and deal with small problems before turning them into bigger issues. Detecting things early lets you conserve money by preventing mechanical failures or other repairs that could have a higher cost. Sometimes even minor adjustments could stop issues from spreading and guarantee that the air conditioner keeps running as efficiently as possible. If you had your AC maintained regularly, you’ll probably recover the cost of your bills by preventing bigger repairs.

Do you need reliable air conditioning tune-ups? We at Air Conditioning Repair Today have been providing high-quality AC services and solutions to Tampa homeowners for years. Our impressive track record and satisfied clients speak volumes about the quality of the services we provide. Call us today to know more!

AC cannot control room humidity levels

In the climate here in Florida, humidity and heat are primary concerns. In areas such as Tampa, the average annual relative humidity is 75%, with levels averaging 86% every morning. During the wet summer periods, these numbers are often higher, producing a very muggy environment. While your AC should assist in dehumidifying your house and keep things comfortable, it does not always do the job well. If your air conditioning unit is working, but your home still feels humid and damp, there are some reasons that you may have to consider.

Your Air Conditioning System Isn’t Running Often Enough

Your AC typically lessens your home humidity because cool air has less moisture than warm air. However, your unit can not effectively extract moisture from your home if it isn’t running. After the afternoon rain, your house might still fulfill your temperature settings, but the excess water in the air could seep in, leaving your home feeling muggy.

A quick solution for this is to keep your AC working continuously. Your unit actually consumes less energy when it is running for a longer time than it would when it turns on and off often. This tactic would not necessarily make your utility bills rise as much as you may imagine.

You Need AC Tune-Ups

As warm air passes over the system’s coils, it leaves some water behind. That trickles from the coils towards your condensate pan and leaves the unit via your condensate drain. If any component of your unit is malfunctioning, it could result in higher humidity levels than normal. Your house might feel muggy because your condensate drain is clogged or there’s not sufficient refrigerant in your coils. Reach our techs for a fast diagnosis and effective solution to any AC issues.

“Has Humidity Damaged My Air Conditioner?”

The only way for us to know this is by inspecting the AC. Humidity itself can’t directly damage the AC, but as we summarized above, it contributes to how hard your cooling unit works. And since we’re living in the Florida area, your AC works harder as it is!

Having an inspection is a good idea, as is guaranteeing that you get annual maintenance sessions. During maintenance, our techs completely check, regulate, and clean your AC’s interior to ensure it is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Call us today at Air Conditioning Repair Today to know more!

Schedule An Air Conditioner Unit Tune-Up Today

Air conditioning units could operate night and day here in the Tampa area, FL. Breakdowns often seem to occur at the worst time possible, and while air conditioning repair techs could arrive there at a short time, it only takes a brief period to turn your house into an oven.

At Air Conditioning Repair Today, we believe that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. That is the reason we recommend air conditioning tune-ups and maintenance to keep your unit in tiptop shape. We serve the whole Tampa, FL, community by improving lives through improving homes. Give us a call now to schedule an air conditioner unit tune-up today!

When to Book Heating or Air Conditioning Maintenance?

An AC maintenance session varies from an air conditioning repair session, which is often supposed to handle a single specific issue. However, AC maintenance and tune-up sessions are supposed to check for a vast range of potential issues rather than a single one.

If your AC problem is minor –for instance, a clogged filter or loose bolt – it could be rectified as part of the air conditioning maintenance session. If more service is needed, the tech could schedule a time right away. In many instances, the repair session could happen straight after your maintenance session, having the problems handled straight away.

No matter what your unit and your needs are, we at Air Conditioning Repair Today provide a wide range of maintenance and tune-up options and can arrange a schedule that satisfies your needs. Our seasoned technicians treat your house like it’s theirs, and we are committed to a 100% satisfaction guarantee for each of our air conditioning maintenance sessions. If you would like the unit to perform its job without costing quite high and getting major repairs when they are still small, give us a call today!

Signs It's Time for an AC Tune Up

How do you know if your air conditioning unit is due for a tune-up? Here are the signs to watch out for:

Strange Sounds. The most typical sign that your air conditioning system requires a tune-up is sound. The machine creates noise as the mechanisms work harder to cool your house. If the unit were working normally, the sound would be minimized; it wouldn’t be working hard enough to develop odd noises. The annoying sound often occurs because your machine isn’t working well, so it needs to work harder to compensate for the decline in performance.

Poor Performance. Your house could take a long time to cool down or never attain your desired temperature at all. Though air conditioning systems often take a little longer to keep optimum temperatures in larger houses or in hot summer months, if the discrepancy in cooling period is big enough for the property owner to notice, the air conditioning system probably needs a tune-up.

Increased Energy Bills. When performance declines, cooling costs rise. High energy bills are often an indication that an AC system is struggling. That’s because your system must utilize more power to compensate for the problem that causes it to fail. It takes longer to cool your home, which suggests it’s operating at the exact or higher power output for a longer time. That isn’t great for you, but good for your electric company. If your energy bill is higher than normal, it’s possible that your AC system is working harder, which suggests it possibly requires a tune-up.

Although there are additional symptoms of diminishing AC efficiency, the most visible ones are loud sound, longer time of operation, and rising power expenses.

Contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to arrange a tune-up if you’re overdue for one, seeing warning signs of trouble, or just want to be proactive.

Water is Leaking From Your AC

A blocked condensate drain pipe is most likely the cause of your AC leaking into your home. This pipe can get blocked with particles such as dirt, mold, or dust over time.

Water can’t leave and drain to your exterior house if your condensate drain pipe becomes plugged. The condensation returns inside when the tube becomes clogged, leaking water into your house.

Utilizing a wet/dry vac to remove dirt from the drainpipe is a simple method to unclog it. This should eliminate anything that’s forcing it to back up, allowing water to flow freely through the pipe once more.

When the wet/dry vac approach fails, you may need to seek expert assistance. At Air Conditioning Repair Today, we have equipment that can effectively clear the drain line and remove the blockage.

Dirty Air Filter

You’re probably aware that the air conditioner’s air filter should be changed every 30 days. A clogged air filter might make the system work twice as hard, causing damage or worn-out components.

A filthy filter can obstruct the airflow that travels over the unit’s evaporator, in addition to straining your property’s HVAC system. The coil becomes excessively cold and can begin to freeze when the airflow is blocked, thus causing water to leak.

Your AC is Low on Refrigerant

The pressure within your AC system drops as the refrigerant volume decreases. Your evaporator coil may freeze as a result of this, resulting in a watery mess.

Review the refrigerant levels if the air conditioner isn’t cooling your house as well as it should. You may also notice a strange bubbling or hissing sound, which might suggest a leak.

The damage may be repairable if you notice a leak early enough. If you don’t, you could have to buy a brand new unit.

To avoid these issues, get your HVAC system evaluated and tuned up on a regular basis. We at Air Conditioning Repair Today can provide reliable AC assistance to keep your Tampa home cool and comfortable. Call us today!

Tell me the typical AC tune-up cost?

Maintaining your air conditioner is critical, so don’t neglect it. If you disregard basic maintenance, your air conditioner may malfunction and cost you a fortune in the long run. Many difficulties may be avoided by taking the necessary procedures to ensure that your air conditioner is in good operating order. Because AC repair comprises a variety of tasks, the cost of hiring an expert varies.

Some HVAC technicians offer a set amount for routine AC service, while others charge per hour. Routine maintenance costs between $140-$220, while air conditioner repairs cost between $300 and $700. Your AC unit will be protected from additional damage if you perform routine maintenance.

At Air Conditioning Repair Today, we have the experience and expertise to maintain your air conditioner working at its peak performance. Our maintenance is extensive, comprehensive, and in-depth. We’ll ensure your air conditioner is in good operating order and let you know if there are any problems. In their job, our professionals are honest and straightforward. The price is always stated upfront, and there are no additional expenses. Air Conditioning Repair Today is available to assist you with your air conditioning unit. Call us today to know more about the cost of our services.

How often should I get my AC checked?

Most individuals would only get their air conditioners tested if a problem is discovered. When the AC unit starts creating weird noises or produces heated air, that is when many homeowners seek for technical assistance. While most people may not consider having their air conditioner or furnace tested while it is running flawlessly, it is advised that you get them assessed at least once every year. It is recommended that the device be cleaned after the examination for maximum operation.

Why you should get your air conditioning unit inspected

There are numerous reasons to have your air conditioner inspected routinely. When an air conditioning system is properly examined and cleaned, it will operate more efficiently and cost less to run. Performing inspections can assist the technician in identifying and preventing health risks from faulty units. Taking this precaution will go a long way toward guaranteeing that you and your family are free of health problems.

When an air conditioner is tested and serviced on a regular basis, the system’s life is likely to be extended. Inspecting the AC unit also allows technicians to readily find and rectify small flaws before they worsen and cost you a lot of money in repairs.

The ideal time of year to hire a professional to have your air conditioner inspected is during the spring to ensure that it will work well during the summer. The furnace must be cleaned and examined before cooler months so that it performs properly during the colder season. Before it becomes too late, it’s always a good idea to schedule these checks. Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to know more.

Why do HVAC systems need maintenance?

Many individuals focus on the expense of an AC tune-up without considering the possible consequences of not having their air conditioner maintained on a regular basis. Routine maintenance, in our opinion, is equivalent to a safety policy for your AC system.

If you could help avoid costly repairs, the expense of an AC tune-up is well worth it in the long run. Your AC experts, like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today, will inspect your home to determine if there are some tiny issues that might lead to larger issues down the line as part of the inspection. Even minor faults that have little impact on your unit’s overall performance might place undue strain on other parts. When you’re handling HVAC equipment, there are many pricey repairs that may really put a burden on your finances– just think about these costly HVAC repairs.

Air Compressor Replacement

The compressor is among your air conditioner’s most important components because it maintains your refrigerant circulating through the machine so that it can chill the air. It’s similar to your car’s engine: if it fails, the entire vehicle is destroyed. Compressor failure occurs when your system overheats, which could be caused by minor issues discovered during routine maintenance by an HVAC contractor.

All of those issues are likely to be discovered and resolved during the AC tune-up, and ignoring them would cost you a lot of money. The typical cost of replacing an air compressor is over a thousand dollars, which is far more than the cost of an AC tune-up.

AC Coil Replacement

AC evaporator coils, another important component of your AC system, are almost as expensive and complex to replace or repair as the air compressor. They’re hard to access, so you probably have to pay a fortune for labor charges in addition to the cost of the item itself. If you wait until the system breaks, you’ll end up spending more for emergency assistance if your air conditioner goes down in the thick of a Tampa heat.

Exterior Condenser Repair

This element is complex because it relies on several different components to maintain operating. It could take hours to determine exactly what’s wrong because there are so many moving parts to inspect. If you get the condenser fixed during an emergency checking rather than a regular checkup, assessing the problem will result in high labor costs. Finally, once the exact broken component has been detected, you can pay the cost for a brand new one and the price of having it fitted.

AC Refrigerant Leak

If your refrigerant level drops as a result of a leak, the air conditioner will become less effective and work more to maintain the same temperatures.

Worst Case Scenario: Total AC Replacement

A time will come when you will require a new AC. As a result, it’s preferable to keep your present one as long as you can. Our Tampa HVAC professionals here at Air Conditioning Repair Today will always try to save your present unit, but if the situation is really serious, a total replacement may be required. While nothing lasts indefinitely, proper maintenance and tune-up may help the AC last for much longer.

AC doesn't cool properly

When the humidity and heat are at their peak, your home should provide much-needed cool comfort. It may be almost as unpleasant inside as it is outdoors if the AC is ineffective or not operating correctly. For a variety of reasons, your air conditioner may not be cooling properly, and the following troubleshooting methods may assist you in identifying issues and achieving fresh interior comfort.

Check Your Thermostat

If the air conditioner isn’t cooling your property adequately, the main thing you must do is double-check that the thermostat is set to the correct setting and temperature.

Check Refrigerant Level

If refrigerant levels have dropped, insufficient heat is absorbed and expelled from the interior air. Low levels also signal that your system might be leaking, which is the reason this is a task best left to specialists like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today.

Check Your Ductwork

A leaky air duct could be a source of poor cooling. Few of the cooled air escapes via openings in the ductwork as it flows through it, resulting in inconsistent cooling throughout the house.

When it pertains to leaking ductwork, faulty thermostats, and recharging refrigerant levels, our service specialists at Air Conditioning Repair Today are troubleshooting experts. If you notice that your AC doesn’t cool properly, contact us promptly, and our experts will do everything they can to restore your home’s comfort and cooling.

AC is giving off a Bad Odor

Most of us install AC units in our homes to keep us cool. It’s more than simply frustrating when you start to smell a bad odor emanating from the heating and cooling system. It has a significant impact on your home’s comfort.

If the AC isn’t properly cleaned or maintained, there’s a strong likelihood that dirt and dust may form, just like everything else in your home. Cleaning parts of the air conditioner might be difficult because they aren’t directly in front of you.

Among the most typical origins of bad odor from your AC is the accumulation of mildew, dirt, and other particles. Coils, air ducts, drain pan, and even your filter might all be the culprits. However, regular maintenance and tune-ups can help to limit this accumulation and the likelihood of an unpleasant odor spreading throughout your home.

Mold development can be aggravated by heat and moisture, especially in warmer climes. Mold and mildew can not only produce a foul odor, but it can also have a severe influence on the air quality in your home.

What to Do?

Examine your filter. It is a common cause of odors in air conditioners. Replace your air filter with a fresh new one if it has been a while since you’ve replaced it. We recommend replacing your AC filter every couple of months in most cases. However, bear in mind that other circumstances, like pets in your house or when a family member experience allergies or asthma, may necessitate replacing it more frequently.

It’s probably time to bring in an expert if you’ve replaced the filter and it still doesn’t make a difference. AC experts like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today can assess the problem and determine whether a comprehensive cleaning is necessary. You might also want to think about getting your air ducts professionally cleaned. Expert duct cleaners can assess your interior air quality to evaluate if a thorough cleaning would be beneficial. Call us today to know more or to schedule an appointment!

What is involved in AC Tuning?

Routine tune-ups help the unit last longer and maintain it, allowing you to go longer without having to buy a new one. Those made during periodic maintenance checkups are substantially less expensive than repairs made during an emergency.

A competent HVAC contractor in Tampa like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today will utilize a detailed checklist to analyze every area of the unit to avoid the costly problems mentioned above. Relying on the sort of AC tune-up you receive, your HVAC specialist will go over the following, as well as many others:

Blower Wheel Clean – Your air handler’s blower is in charge of circulating air through the AC system and ducting. It must be well-lubricated, correctly sealed, adjusted, and cleaned as needed to ensure that it is operating as effectively as possible. Cool air will be provided to all of the rooms as a result of this.

Filter Change – Changing the filters in your house helps to maintain clean air quality. It also aids with the prevention of system issues since a clogged filter could result in reduced airflow and even overheating.

Condenser Coil and Evaporator Coil Tune-ups – The coils may become filthy over time, and debris accumulation will obstruct airflow. An expert AC contractor like us will be able to carefully clean these parts without causing damage.

Condensate Drain Flush – Moisture is natural in your cooling and heating system during the cooling and heating operation. As long as the moisture has a place to go, this isn’t an issue. Normal functioning is ensured by flushing the condensate drain.

We understand that an AC unit is a significant investment, and we’re dedicated to assisting you in preserving it. We’ve simplified our approach to make it as simple as we can for you, and we will do our tune-ups fast, ensuring that your system isn’t down for long. Contact us for reliable air conditioning maintenance, and we’ll work hard to ensure that the system lasts as long as it can.

AC Tune-up Company

One of the smartest investments you could make is to schedule yearly AC tune-ups. It has a number of advantages:

Better Energy Efficiency

AC maintenance helps bring your unit to its greatest operational efficiency. As a result, the machine requires less cooling strength, and the system worsens much more slowly.

Decreased Energy Bills

The most major benefit of an efficient AC is cheaper electricity and operating expenses. Any faults that contribute to increasing energy costs can be detected with regular maintenance. Once handled, the AC unit would be tuned to consume less power when cooling the space.

Longer Overall Lifespan

To stay in good working order, air conditioners must be serviced on a regular basis. Without adequate maintenance, the system may fail prematurely, necessitating a costly replacement. Schedule regular tune-ups with a reputable HVAC company like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to ensure it meets its whole life expectancy.

More Comfort

The AC professional will ensure that your appliance is cooling efficiently while doing AC tune-ups. The procedure exposes and addresses the root cause of a variety of issues, including inconsistent temperatures around the house. You will feel more at ease in your house when the device begins to distribute air appropriately.

How Often Do You Need AC Tune-ups?

In most situations, yearly service should be enough if the AC is regularly used. However, if the equipment isn’t working properly or emits weird odors or sounds, contact the pros right once. As previously said, a skilled AC expert like us at Air Conditioning Repair Today can repair or replace any parts to avoid future damage and restore the air conditioner to its original state. Call us today!

What's included in AC Tuning?

You might be asking what occurs when your air conditioner is serviced. There are a variety of factors that influence the performance and durability of your air conditioner.

Your AC professional, for example, will lubricate the AC parts to guarantee that they run as smoothly as possible. They’ll also clean parts to make sure they’re completely working.

Airflow and electricity will also be monitored. If something isn’t right, the AC technician will let you know.

From the ductwork and the condenser to the blower, all of the air conditioner’s components will be examined. The levels of refrigerant will also be examined. (We may be able to do simple repairs without charging a labor fee.)

Your AC specialist will also check your thermostat to make sure it’s working properly and communicates with the unit. When it becomes required, they will take steps to recalibrate or reconfigure it.

Covering it all, you could expect a thorough assessment of your air conditioner, which will require a lot of work. The main aim of AC service is to guarantee that the AC is running as effectively as possible. Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to schedule an appointment!


Is an AC tune-up necessary?

To keep your AC system running efficiently, you’ll need to get it tuned up on a regular basis. You know you’ve put off normal maintenance inspections when the air conditioner begins to malfunction! The cost of pricey repairs may be avoided by scheduling an AC tune-up on time.

What do they do for an air conditioner tune-up?

The following should be included in a complete precision tune up:

  • The condenser coils must be thoroughly cleaned. This improves efficiency (which directly influences energy costs) and could minimize system wear and tear.
  • Assessment of the refrigerant level to help in the maintenance of peak performance
  • A comprehensive calibration of the thermostat to confirm correct functionality.
  • Ductwork check to see if there is any potential for energy loss
  • Tightening and examination of every electrical wiring to assure safe system operation.
  • Examine the blower motor’s performance as well as the blower belt’s state.

These are only some of the basic tests that a reputable heating or air conditioning professional should undertake. Call us at Air Conditioning Repair Today to know more.

How often should you get an AC tune-up?

Experts say that even when you don’t expect any issues with your air conditioner, having it examined, maintained, and cleaned once a year is a smart idea to guarantee that it runs at optimized energy efficiency and is able to cool the property during the times when you want it most.

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