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Clearwater is a beautiful and pristine beachfront community in Florida. It has been the centerpiece of tourists’ getaways since it was founded, earning accolades like “America’s Best Beach” (No1) among other titles that reflect its popularity as one-of-the-top beaches across America today.
If you’re considering a move to Clearwater, what you might not know is there’s a lot more to the area than beaches. To learn more about what it’s like to actually buy a home in Clearwater instead of just vacationing here, take a look at our guide to the neighborhoods that make up this quintessentially Florida city, and what it’s like to live here.

Where is Clearwater, Florida?

Clearwater is a city located in the Tampa Bay region just 30 minutes from downtown Tampa, where it shares borders with St. Petersburg to its north and east sides respectively across Old Tampa Bay (a body of water that divides Florida into two peninsulas). Clearwater sits on Pinellas County’s second-smallest county at only 280 square miles but has 35 miles worth of beaches and 588 total navigation channels along their waterfronts.

Just across Clearwater’s Courtney Campbell Scenic Highway and Trail — a 10-mile hibiscus- and a mangrove-lined strip of the causeway, parks, and beaches — Tampa International Airport serves more than 22 million passengers in a typical year, and many Clearwater residents end up commuting across the causeway to Tampa. The airport is just 10 miles outside of downtown Tampa where there are numerous hotels for those who want quick access after landing at one of Florida’s most popular airports!



What’s It Like Living in Clearwater?

Clearwater is a city of 116,000 people who live in various neighborhoods and have plenty to satisfy their individual lifestyles. The arts district downtown welcomes locals as well as tourists with events such as the annual Clearwater Jazz Festival and Christmas Boat Parade which is sure not only bring excitement but also generate revenue for this crucial economic engine.

The warm weather in Florida’s West Coast is like heaven on earth. While Northerners are digging out from snowdrifts and navigating icy roads, Clearwater locals enjoy beaches with pristine waters for fishing or swimming all day long! People can hike through gorgeous tree-shaded parks along the coastlines where they’ll find wildlife such as panthers scurrying about during their free time too—making this region an amazing destination any time of year no matter what season you visit it at.
Of course, Floridians know that when summer hits there’s a price to pay. From May through October the average daily high temperature climbs beyond 86 degrees with no end in sight! But locals will tell you it isn’t only about being hot and sweaty; humidity is what pushes most people over their limits – especially those from more southern regions who are used to much colder weather all winter long.
Clearwater is one of the greatest places to live in Florida, with its urban-suburban lifestyle, top-notch schools, and a huge range of cafes, parks, beaches, and restaurants.

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