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Dunedin Fine Art Center

An idea six years in the making, the Dunedin Fine Arts Center came to life in 1975. From humble beginnings, the center now features a spacious 50,000 square foot gallery and workspace. Exhibitions, held throughout the year, showcase the best of local and in-state artistry with over a dozen classrooms for students of all ages to learn from the best and work on their craft. Alongside the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, families can make their way to the David L. Mason Children’s Art Museum. The museum’s theme varies from year to year, offering a fresh hands-on experience for kids.

The original idea for an art center in Dunedin dates back to 1969 when the Dunedin Junior Service League, in recognition of the importance of the arts to everyday life, resolved to work toward the creation of a cultural climate, and the eventual building of fine art and cultural center. Both the League and the City agreed that an art center would be a wonderful heritage for the City of Dunedin.

The vision and commitment of the City, its citizens, and members of the League were realized in 1974 when the ground was broken on The Dunedin Fine Arts Center. That vision and commitment were, and remains, to create and grow a “Fine Arts and Cultural Center, a Public Arts School and Library, open at all times to the general public, not restricted to any group or groups.”

Dunedin Fine Art Center

Dunedin Fine Art Center

Over the years the Dunedin Fine Art Center continues to strive to implement that vision and commitment through its educational and cultural programming. The Dunedin Fine Art Center is committed to preserving the educational and cultural programming through reaffirming the following values:

  • Importance of the cultural “quality of life” benefits provided by the Dunedin Fine Art Center’s mission and programs.
  • Commitment to the continuation of the facility and funding partnership between the Center and the Citizens of North Pinellas County to outstanding art education and exhibitions.
  • Support for community commitment to the ongoing fund-raising and development goal of a 5-million-dollar endowment which would provide financial security to support the work of the Dunedin Fine Art Center.

The Dunedin Fine Art Center has been a staple here in the city of Dunedin for providing the local community with some of the most impressive art pieces you have ever seen.

Visitors who come to this art center will find so many amazing things to see or do. For instance, there are year-round exhibitions held here in one of the four galleries of this center. All of which showcases works of art from local, regional, and even nationally known artists.

They even have an on-site gift shop where visitors can find various kinds of special gifts or souvenirs to bring back home. There is also a Palm Café here which offers some really amazing food choices and coffee for you to enjoy. With so many things to see or do here, this is definitely one of the most popular attractions to visit in the city of Dunedin, Florida.

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Dunedin Fine Art Center

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