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Sand Key Park

The views in this park are absolutely breathtaking. From the northern area that fronts Clearwater Pass, you can watch boats pass by or drop your line into one of many beautiful waters for some great fishing. There are a few fishing wharfs to choose from and a free parking region that is designated only for the fishing zone. It’s an incredible view if you simply want to sit and watch, and you may even see a dolphin swim by!

Where Is Sand Key Located?

Sand Key Park is located just south of Clearwater Beach over the Sand Key Bridge. When you come over the Sand Key Bridge, it’s hard not to notice this huge bridge. The entrance appears as a small park with wooded areas beyond that offer some cool and unique features for exploration!
The address for Sand Key is 1060 Gulf Blvd. Clearwater, FL 33767. The park is quite easy to find!

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Sand Key Beach?

Visiting Sand Key beach is NOT free like some people may think! But it is a lot cheaper than parking at Clearwater Beach! You have to pay a beach parking permit at Sand Key which is $5. The $5 cost to visit Sand Key is very affordable and helps with the upkeep of the park. Do not try and skip paying this fee or else there are added fines. Plus, it is doing your share to help the park stay clean and up to date.

Sand Key Park

Sand Key Park

How Late Is Sand Key Open?

Sand Key is open from 9 am until sundown. Sunset changes depending on the time of year you visit, so keep this in mind. If you stay too long or take advantage, you will get fined. If you want to walk the beach at night or stay for a long time into the night, this is not the place to do that! If you stay in Sand Key Park past dark, we recommend staying no longer than 30-45 minutes past sunset so that you don’t get fined. Just long enough to pack up your stuff, use the restroom, and dust off the sand. Anything longer will get you a possible fine!

Things to Do in Sand Key Park

Although the park is on the smaller end compared to others such as Fort De Soto Park, there are still a few things to do! This lovely park has two distinct areas, a beach and a park, which is why you may hear it referred to as either Sand Key Beach or Sand Key Park! Neither of these is wrong! If you are looking to go to the park, there are two picnic shelters with grills, a playground, a dog park, water fountains, restrooms, and more.

You can also wander along the roads and explore the wooded areas and check out the salt marsh with viewing benches where you can spot wildlife.

On the beach, you have a stretch of white sand that is great for shelling. Sand Key Park is also home to the operations of an artificial reef program which is really unique and cool.

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Sand Key Park

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