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Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge

Egmont Key is about 1.6 miles from Fort De Soto Park at the bottom of St. Pete Beach, and it’s also about 1.6 miles long. Much of the bayside waterfront and the southern half of the island is off-limits as part of the bird habitat of Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge.

The island has an intriguing history, serving as a camp for captured Seminoles in the 19th century. It was then occupied by the Union Navy during the Civil War.

Fort Dade, whose remains lie on the island, was built in 1898, when the Spanish-American War threatened, and was in use until 1923. 

If you enjoy visiting the mystery of crumbling old forts or want to experience the thrill of walking through a ghost town in the middle of the jungle, then Egmont Key is the ideal destination.

Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge

Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge

Getting to Egmont Key

Egmont Key State Park is only reachable by ferry or private boat, although there are a few pretty easy options for getting there.

The Egmont Key Ferry departs from Fort De Soto Park regularly and has a number of departure times that will leave in the morning and then return in the afternoon, so you will have a while to explore the island before heading back. 

The ferry ride from Fort De Soto will take you around 25 to 30 minutes, and offers a great opportunity to spot marine life.

You’ll get a 3-hour visit with a specific time that you need to board to return, so you’ll have to get your own boat to the island if you want to stay for longer!

To make sure you’re getting to and from Egmont Key at the times you want, it’s best to book your ferry online first.

Wildlife Watching

About half of the 280-acre island is reserved for wildlife, though you’re likely to see plenty in the areas where humans are welcome, too. Between 1,000 and 1,500 gopher tortoises roam the island and, typically, 30 to 70 loggerhead sea turtles nest here each year.

The southern part of the island—about 97 acres—is a dedicated bird sanctuary. On your visit, you’re likely to see some of the island’s 117 species of nesting, migratory, and wintering birds, including osprey, brown pelicans, royal and sandwich terns, laughing gulls, and black skimmers. Visit between April and August to experience the sights and sounds of literally thousands of birds roosting together. (Please respect wildlife and nesting areas and keep a comfortable distance.)

More Fun Things to Do

Sunbathe and swim, stroll on the beach searching for shells, and snorkel around the submerged historical batteries of the fort. There are plenty of shady paths to explore and photograph, too.

Air Conditioning Repair Of St Petersburg

Air Conditioning Repair Of St Petersburg

Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge

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